The Perception Deception: Unmasking The Illusion Of Reality


What is perception?

Perception is different for everyone, even though reality might be identical. Our perception (the way we interpret and make sense of the world around us) is a fascinating dance between the real world and our own mental constructs.

Reality — or your external exposure to the world — is the same for each of us. But each person’s perception can be vastly different:

Let’s imagine you’re watching people on a roller-coaster at a fairground. Factually, the roller-coaster is a big solid thing (hopefully!), that comprises a light railway track which has many sharp twists, tight turns, and steep slopes.

It’s filled with people screaming and sh^tting themselves until they either pass out, want to vomit, or can’t wipe the grin from their faces!

What determines each person’s reactions is their perception

One person is experiencing excitement, another extreme anxiety, and a third, sheer joy.

The roller-coaster itself just is, yet each person experiences a different emotional state depending upon their perception; or what a roller-coaster means to them.

Now apply the roller-coaster scenario to everyday life

You can see how differing perceptions can create just a few problems in how we relate to each other, as well as how we relate to ourselves.

Your mind acts like a filter

The latest estimate is that we’re picking up 40 billion bits of incoming information per second from our environment. We can’t possibly absorb every bit of information without going bananas! So our mind has to filter most of it out so we can stay sane! So it filters stuff out and presents you with information that matches:

So, after this filtering process, you’re left with your own version of reality, your perception. Or to use NLP terminology, your map. You can read NLP Map Of The World: Why What You See Is Fatally Flawed to find out more about how your map affects how you interpret your life. Basically, we’re each creating our own reality.

Your perception IS your reality.

Like a roller-coaster ride, we’re constantly absorbing the world through the twists and turns of our cognitive filters. Whether good, bad, or indifferent.Filters

Unfortunately, some folk believe their perception is in fact, reality, or THE TRUTH. And right there lies the reason for so many disagreements, arguments, fights, and wars.

It would be much easier if everyone thought the same

It would be heavenly for a short time; we’d all agree. It would be all flowers, happiness, and light — like a hippy Love-In! But after a short while, life would be boring as hell. There would be no free or creative thinking, nothing to debate about.

No growth.


Group think.

You can dream about everyone agreeing with you—but it’ll be just that—a dream!

So instead of wasting time dreaming, wake up! Grasping how your own mind works gives you insight into others’ perceptions. Accept that everyone has different perceptions, and yours is no more right than theirs. If everyone did this, we would have more individual and global peace. Something that’s desperately needed right now!

The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Your perception causes all your problems

Wow! That’s a big statement in a few words, right? I’m not picking on you (honestly, I’m not!). It applies to everyone.

It’s your map of the world (your interpretation of reality) rather than reality itself that is causing your feelings and emotions. Whether wonderful or woeful, your thoughts have a big impact on your mood, regardless of what’s happening around you.

When you take control of what’s happening Inside Your Mind, you also take command of how you feel.

The chances are you’ve been thinking the way you do for some time (Again, I’m not picking on you — we all have!)

Your thinking operates in auto-pilot mode most of the time

Have you noticed that many of the thoughts you have are the same trifling thoughts you had yesterday — and the day before? You have 50,000 – 60,000 thoughts a day and about 95% of those are the same thoughts you’ve already had! How To Change Your Mind eBook cover

So, to change your thinking, you need new information and new input. My How to Change Your Mind eBook helps you explore how you’re creating your reality through your thinking processes.

But it’s not enough to understand your thinking

My eBook gives you tools to change your thinking, to experience a happier life.

Your thinking evolved steadily over time

Any negative thinking might have started as a small spark — perhaps just a sarcastic comment from someone — that stuck in your mind. That comment skewed your perception. Other comments fanned the spark into a flame, steadily changing your way of thinking. So changing that negative thinking takes discipline.

Remember, those mind filters are operating all the time you’re awake.

“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.” – Jon Bon Jovi

How often are we misled by someone’s words or actions? Not intentionally misled; it could be by the simple misunderstanding of a word or a sentence.

The phrase ‘Change Your thinking — Change Your Life’ is not a new concept. But how do you change your thinking? Is it as easy as it sounds?

It begins with awareness;

  • Identifying the content and patterns of your thoughts
  • The impact of those thoughts on your emotions
  • Noticing how you interpret reality to form your perception
  • Questioning the accuracy of your interpretations

To shift your perception in a way that benefits you, self-awareness and reflection are necessary; working on yourself.

So, are you ready to examine and make a few tweaks to your own perception?

If you want a more positive mind-set and life, I know you’ll love my eBook, How to Change Your Mind.

It’s a multisensory, interactive learning experience

You’ll Get:How To Change Your Mind eBook cover.

  • The How To Change Your Mind ebook.
  • Links to hidden audios and articles which illustrate key points.
  • Self-paced, always-available resources you can use and re-use.
  • A first-hand experience of the exercises, processes, and techniques.

It’s a rewarding and humorous eBook that you can read on your phone, tablet, or computer. But you don’t have to rely on just what I say. (I mean, what would you expect me to say about it?) Read the reviews from people who have engaged with it.

Begin immediately

How to Change Your Mind is available for immediate download, so you can begin right now.

That way, you’ll enjoy the roller-coaster of life and develop tools to handle those twists, turns and steep slopes, if not with ease, at least with decorum. 😜  If you prefer, you can always organise some SHIFT Coaching or join my Coaching and Mentoring Programme.

Whatever you decide, you’ll be well on your way to a more resilient and happier life.

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