How to Change Your Mind eBook


Imagine holding the secrets to inspiration, happiness, and success — now!

Get everything you need to easily harness the power of your mind to live your best life. When you learn how to change your mind, you’ll achieve what you previously thought was out of reach.

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Imagine holding the secrets to inspiration, happiness, and success — now!

Learn to use the 'control panels' of your mind, so you can change anything that isn't working and achieve what you previously thought was out of reach.

The techniques in this book are simple and consist of ‘uncommon’ sense.

What’s ‘uncommon’ sense?

In my mind it’s material, guidance or information that’s unconventional, quirky, or possibly even a bit weird. But it only seems that way because it’s new and different.

Once you try the techniques in this book, you’ll join the throngs of other people who ask me All. The. Time: “Why weren’t we taught this in school?” I don’t have an answer, but I do encourage any teacher to learn these skills for themselves so they can teach them to future generations of students.

Get everything you need to easily harness the power of your mind’s hard-wired controls so you can enhance your thinking and your life.

You’re About To Learn:

  • How thinking occurs and how you create mental maps.
  • An easy way to get more control over how you think and feel.
  • How to consciously take control of feeling great more often.
  • How to change your mind; tiny aspects of your thinking processes so you feel motivated and inspired.
  • 10 traps that stop you reaching your goals — and how to avoid them.
  • Simple ways to use the techniques to set and achieve compelling goals with ease.
  • How to make subtle changes to your mental maps to enhance how you feel.
  • An approach to improve your emotional and physical state easily and quickly.
  • Ways to silence your 'Internal Terrorist.'
  • How to make sense of things using your senses — and how what you leave out makes all the difference.
  • How to change unwanted patterns of behaviour, such as procrastination.
  • 10 ways to say goodby to anger.

How To Change Your Mind is a multi-sensory, interactive learning experience

You’ll Get:

  • The How To Change Your Mind ebook.
  • Links to hidden audios and articles which illustrate key points.
  • Self-paced, always-available resources you can use and re-use.
  • A first-hand experience of the exercises, processes, and techniques.

Harness the power that’s inside your own mind!

Michael Beale, Milton Keynes and London U.K.
Business NLP Trainer and Coach
Executive Coaching Global

I’ve been looking for a straightforward, relatively short and enjoyable introduction to the benefits of NLP for some time. I’m pleased to be able to recommend the, ‘How To Change Your Mind’ from New Zealand NLP Trainer Stephanie Philp.

I highly recommend you invest in this eBook. Stephanie and I took our NLP Trainer Trainers course together in Orlando some time ago, and I’m impressed by the way she thinks.

Richard Greenhough
Lifetime Learning

Congratulations, ‘How To Change Your Mind’ is a great accomplishment. I love the little audio sections and going back to your website for articles. I think you have done a great job with it. I do think that you have created an ingenious amalgam of systems that is fun to use.

Lyn Smith
NLP Trainer

One of the best self-paced, self-directed learning tools I’ve interacted with.

Stephanie has that rare ability to present self-empowering tools in an informative, easy to achieve way, that gives you many opportunities to try on these tools and notice the changes you can make in being in charge of your responses.

An invaluable resource for any business or individual.

Julie Rowlands

I found Stephanie’s ‘How To Change Your Mind’ ebook a wonderful resource for explaining in simple terms what NLP is, and how it can be used to enhance the reader’s life in immeasurable ways.

I particularly like the simple explanations of the terms and how Stephanie has used numerous examples to illustrate what she means in order to get the reader to think about how they communicate, words they use, and ways this could be changed for the better, using the techniques in the eBook.

The links provided in the text take the reader to the relevant text in a separate article and in some to recordings which also help the reader to understand the concepts. There are several recordings including a relaxation exercise.

Stephanie uses plenty of practical exercises which give the reader simple ways to use NLP straight away.

This eBook is easy to read and use.

Noel Ferguson
Economic Development Manager

This e-Book, along with the free online support material, blew me away. The e-book provides you with instantly actionable ideas and techniques that will help unleash your personal potential, improve your parenting prowess, or get your workplace cranking – even in the middle of a recession!