Unlocking Success: The Mind-Bending Approach


What is success?

Close your eyes for a moment and reflect upon success. Like an artist’s palette, every person will have their own unique blend of colours, each representing their own aspirations. Let’s explore the art of achieving your version of success by rewiring your mindset.

Cracking the success code

What’s your definition of success? For some, it’s the thrill of presenting to a packed conference room. For others, it’s the tranquility of a peaceful garden, and for a select few, it’s simply the ability to savour the sweetness of life’s precious little moments. Whatever your definition, your ability to reach it depends on your mindset. And your mind set comprises your beliefs, expectations and focus.

The power of beliefs, expectations, and focus

Imagine your beliefs as the architects of your reality. When you believe in yourself and your dreams, you’re more likely to take action and build the life you desire. Conversely, if you harbour doubts, you’re effectively erecting bright orange road cones and yellow tape around your desires; barriers that will hold you back—yeah, that’s what they design barriers for!

Expectations: The blueprint of your project

Expectations are the blueprint that guides your construction project. When you set your sights on what you want, you’re drafting the design for an extraordinary outcome. However, if you expect mediocrity (because you don’t believe you can have what you truly want), or your desired outcome doesn’t inspire you, you’ll create something that completely misses the mark.

Focus: Illuminating the blueprint

And then there’s focus. It’s like having a spotlight or a laser trained solely on your goal. This spotlight is essential to guide you, otherwise, you will stumble in the dark. By keeping your attention on what matters most, you’re creating a well-crafted blueprint that draws your goal towards you.

“Visualize this thing that you want. See it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build.” ~ Robert Collier

The art of sensualising success

Goal Setting BookNow, let’s dive into a fascinating concept; ‘sensualising.’ I made up this word when I was writing my Goal Setting book.

Why did I need to make up a new word, you might ask? Aren’t there enough words in the English language already?

I’m sure there are more than enough! But I couldn’t find one that accurately represented what’s involved in creating your dream. The term that’s usually used is visualisation. But it’s not just about seeing your dreams; it’s about experiencing them in advance, using creativity and all your senses—while you’re awake!

How do you sensualise?

It’s done by closing your eyes and immersing yourself in the vivid sensations of the successful completion of your desire. You need to see your desired outcome, of course. But then it’s also important to feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it, and talk to yourself about it. Make it a sensory symphony that resonates deep within you, so that you emanate the energy of what it’s like to have your goal–NOW! Yes, now! This means choosing your words carefully.

Mind your language!

Thinking and sensualising positively and in the present tense is vital, because your mind lives in the present, now, moment. Not the future. If you say any of these things during your sensualisation, you’ll doom yourself to failure:

  1. “I want xyz…” (Obviously replace xyz with your dream.) Saying “I want”  implies you haven’t got it already, which of course you haven’t. But, the universe always says ‘yes’. It will affirm whatever you’re putting out with your words. In this case it will say, ‘Yes, that’s right you want xyz.” However, nothing will happen.
  2. “I will have xyz.” This puts your dream in some future timeline—rather than now. Like unwanted email your dream gets automatically shunted into your mental ‘junk’ folder.
  3. “I don’t have abc anymore.” For example “I’m no longer poor.” Or, “I’m no longer in this miserable relationship.” Your mind struggles to process negative language, so putting your attention on what you don’t want means you have to think about what you don’t want first! Don’t believe me? Try not thinking about a purple teddy bear for a second or two! The result is that you get a lot more of what you don’t want, because the universe always says ‘yes’, (refer #1).

Use positive language in the present tense

Here are some examples:

“I now have a new job that uses all my skills, working with team of fun-loving, kind and dedicated people.” Add in details during your sensualisation.

“I’m so happy and grateful now that I have the perfect house for me.”

By the way, if you’re new to this manifestation game, it’s perfectly OK to choose something small to begin with.

Let me tell you my story

When I first learned about Creative Visualisation and the Law of Attraction,I was a huge skeptic. However, I am also open-minded and keen try even what might appear to be the wackiest of ideas. I first visualised manifesting a pen. I couldn’t bring myself to believe I could manifest anything more substantial. And I figured visualising a pen was a great way to try out a new process, without my mind interfering and giving me a hard time, or making fun of what I was trying to do. I manifested the pen in 2 weeks! It was a nice pen in a box—not someone lending their chewed up biro!

In a nutshell

The key to sensualising effectively is to recognise that it’s the energy you generate from your thoughts and feelings, that the universe responds to. For most people, using all their senses (and self-talk) to embody their desire, as if they already had it (present tense), is the quickest way to generate and maintain this energy.

Let’s say you want a new car…

In fact, let me give you another true, real life example…

I was working as the Human Resources Manager in a Power Company. I was driving a little Honda City, an ex meter reader’s vehicle that I’d bought from the company. I had two big hairy dogs (Bearded Collies) and travelled a lot at the weekends to compete in dog obedience and agility competitions with them.

My Bearded Collies, Tawny and Rowf.

I really needed a bigger car!

I did a bit of research and decided a Honda Civic hatchback would do the job, as I’m not a fan of ginormous vehicles. I figured that with something slightly bigger, the seats would fold down, so the dogs would have plenty of room in the back. I also wanted a tow bar so I could tow a dog trailer. Oh, and it had to be red!

So, my goal was a ‘Red Honda Civic hatchback with a tow bar’

My first task was picking up a brochure from the local Honda dealer. The brochure featured a red Honda Civic on the cover, while a brand new hatchback gleamed and beckoned me into the showroom! Also red, I could see my name written all over it.

Sitting in it, I was very low to the ground compared to my little Honda City, which was like driving in a miniature truck. The Civic had bucket seats that were also lower, and my legs were almost on the floor. It seemed a lot more sporty and gruntier than my City (even though I didn’t take it out for a test drive).

That smell!

I’d never owned a brand new car, so that ‘new car’ smell was indeed new! I imagined waving to my friends as I drove around (I’d perfected a back-handed—think ‘queenly’—wave, especially for the occasion)! Turning on the radio, I discovered a much more full-bodied sound. I sensualised myself driving it around town, to and from work, on long trips with the dogs, talking to my passengers, etc. I felt so elated, pleased, relaxed and excited—all at once. The salesman interrupted my reverie to ask if he could help! I told him, not right now—but soon.

I remembered all I could about the showroom car and, with the brochure in hand, I could recreate the vision, thoughts, feelings, smells, and sounds. I refrained from contemplating any tastes, as I intended to keep my new car free from food and drinks—despite having two big, hairy, and often wet dogs in the back!

I sensualised having the car for a period of 2 – 3 months

sensualising the car

I’d sensualise twice a day, morning, and evening, while still in bed and relaxed—but not so relaxed as to fall asleep. Sometimes I’d do it on my lunch break. The visualisations had a calm, daydream-like quality, tinged with excitement and anticipation. This non-activity was a delightful, relaxing and juicy experience!!

My skeptical, logical mind would chime in at least once a day with,

“How is all this going to happen? You’ve got no money and no prospect of getting any more money and blah, blah, blah!” On and on it went.

(If your self talk is getting the better of you, check out this post for some help.)

Unfortunately, this was an accurate assessment!

I’d just gone through a divorce, and my Ex had most of our furniture. I was left with an old double bed, a video player—but no TV—and a coffee table! To any logical person refurnishing my house, rather than sensualising a new car, would have been a greater priority.

Fortunately, I’d already successfully sensualised and manifested smaller stuff (the pen, I mentioned earlier, a watch and a computer amongst other things). So I shut down this internal (or infernal!) skeptic by reminding it of those successes.

It intrigued me to speculate about how my red Honda Civic might manifest

I had no idea where an item as significant as a car would come from, however, I knew from experience that no matter how many ways I could imagine something manifesting; I’d never been accurate! Things always came to me in ways I’d never have even dreamt of. (Read my Black Pearl Story for a remarkable example of this!)

I continued to visualise my Red Honda Civic hatchback with a tow bar

One day, the CEO, who was my direct boss, wandered into my office looking very serious. He wanted to restructure the organisation and asked me if I’d take on the new role of Corporate Services Manager. He explained the new role would expand my HR responsibilities to encompass stores, payroll functions and health and safety, I said I was keen to take on the extra responsibility and asked for more details, which he gave me.

Then he added,

“Of course there will be also be a bigger salary. And a company car. What kind of car would you like?”

Without even thinking, I blurted out, “I’d like a red Honda Civic hatchback with a tow bar, please!” He sat open-mouthed for a few moments looking a bit astonished at how clear and concise was I about what I wanted.

a toy car on top of coins

Fast forward one week

The very next week, I had my brand new car—and a much healthier salary. The car had everything I’d sensualised—right down to the colour and the tow bar!

Creating the success vibe

The sensualising of your goals is the secret to generating the vibe of success. By immersing yourself in the sensory experience of your desires, you’re creating a magnetic energy that attracts your goal to you.

Focus on the end result

Although I’ve left it until last, in my mind it’s the most important aspect of sensualising to create what you want. It’s focusing on the end result. Not the steps you’ll take or the ‘how’ you’re going to get there, just the end result—the dream you want to manifest. Then, once you’ve completed your sensualising session, check with your intuition and take whatever next-step action seems most appropriate.

“When you visualize for the joy of visualizing rather than with the intention of correcting some deficiency, your thoughts are more pure and therefore more powerful.” – Abraham Hicks

Manifestation success involves several elements:

  • Adjusting your mindset.
  • Believing in your ability to manifest.
  • Positive expectation.
  • A laser focus on the outcome you desire.
  • Positive and present tense wording.
  • Immersing yourself in the sensory experience of success.
  • Letting the magic unfold.

What’s your take on success?

What experiences have you had with visualising, or sensualising your goals and dreams? Share your thoughts below. Let’s celebrate your success stories, and your learnings, right here.

And remember, if you want any help with clearing limiting beliefs, creating clear and positive expectations or maintaining focus, get in contact.

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