Remove personal barriers

Ina Meeten
NLP Practitioner and Coach

Remove personal barriers

I was able to remove some personal (inner) barriers, which would have been obstacles on my coaching pathway. This and learning how to structure a coaching session led to more confidence in being a coach.

I didn't think I could join the course

I completed the NLP Practitioner course in 2020 and was very keen to do the coaching course in 2021. When the time came to enrol in the Coach Training Master Class, I was struggling financially, and I emailed Stephanie that I would not be able to join the course.

Stephanie gave me the opportunity to come up with a finance plan, which would work for both of us. This allowed me to join the coaching course in 2021/2022 after all! I am so thankful for this. As a result of the coaching course, I have an ‘inner readiness’ to be a coach.

The big picture began to form

The business part of the coaching course, which was online, prepared me well for starting my own company. I struggled with some of the business exercises during the course, but as I went on, I could see the big picture forming, and now I fully understand why every exercise was so important.

A coaching contract opportunity

While still finishing the course in Raglan, at home an opportunity came up for me to rent a room one day a week to use for NLP coaching, starting shortly after I was back. Suddenly I had to do some marketing and had to have a coaching contract. Thanks to the work we did in the coaching course, it was easy for me to get started. Besides all the exercises we had to do, Stephanie shared some of her own experiences, which were so worthwhile listening to.

A special 'bubble'

The thing I most liked about the coaching course was the time we had together as a group in Raglan. It was such a special ‘bubble’, which made me focus fully on the course, and in which I felt so safe. I was really nervous about some parts of the course before I arrived in Raglan, but within this ‘bubble’ I felt comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone with the result of amazing personal growth and more confidence.

The perfect personal, coaching, and business combination

For me, this course combined perfectly personal growth, learning how to structure coaching sessions and how to set up my business, and all this in a beautiful environment away from my day-to-day living. An added bonus was the coaching community that formed during the course and will carry on.

An environment in which everybody can grow

I can absolutely recommend the coaching course for all the previously stated reasons. It brings everything together you need to become a confident coach.
Stephanie is an amazing trainer. She creates this beautiful environment, in which everybody can grow. The way the days are set up allows always for the best possible learning. Stephanie is flexible in how she structures the days, depending on issues arising or the progress of the group.

Be the best possible version of yourself

If you are interested in working with people and want to be the best possible version of yourself to do so, this is the course to go to!
Thank you, Stephanie!