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Discover the secret codes of human behaviour and become the Jedi master of your own life.

International NLP Practitioner Certification Training

Gain real, practical skills that apply professionally and personally to transform the way you think, feel, and behave.

Enhance your Emotional Intelligence, polish your Soft Skills and put your People Skills in high gear.

 2023 Dates – 3 x 6 day blocks
Module 1– Monday 30 October – Saturday 4 November 2023
Module 2 – 2024 TBA
Module 3 – 2024 TBA

Please note: This training exceeds the international requirements of IANLP and NLP Institutes.

NLP Guidebook


What is NLP?

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming — to give it its full name — is the study of how people, ‘know what they know and do what they do.’ By learning and putting into practice the basic principles that drive people, you change not only mindsets but also the resultant behaviour — including any of your own, you’d like to improve.

NLP is practical, useful and well-proven

It consists of a body of practical, useful, down-to-earth techniques that work consistently to effect deep and lasting behavioural change. It’s been proven worldwide and with millions of people and is backed by Neuroscientific research. However, you won’t just learn stuff – you’ll integrate the skills so you really ‘live’ them! You’ll develop your ability and learn how to get your message across authentically and in ways that cause change.

NLP isn’t a quick fix

Although some of the fixes are quick! NLP is like many other modalities in as much as the more skill you have, the quicker you can make the fixes. At the end of NLP Practitioner training, you will have the skills you need to effect the changes you want. After that, the more you practice, the more mastery you will have.

Effectiveness and success go hand-in-hand

You need effective and flexible ways of communicating; with your team, colleagues, partner, kids, trainees, customers — or even your boss. Without positive influence and persuasion skills, your effectiveness is severely limited – and so is your success.

If before I felt unsure or I had some doubts in regards to what I want to do in my life, since I finished the training I have no doubt about myself and I have an enormous feeling of happiness and joy that makes others turn around and wonder what happened to me…

I am a free person who knows who she is, what she wants and how to get there. I am a person who is able to have a positive experience from everything and influence positively others’ lives as well. For being the change you want to see in others, you need to change yourself first. This is how it works, not the other way around. And finally I understood why it is like this. (I really recommend you to do the course; it will help you as well).

Read Ela's full testimonial

Ela Badea
TELCO Industry

You may have tried other ways to effect change

In all probability, like me, you’ve attended numerous bum-numbing seminars and wasted time and money on hit and miss approaches. Approaches that haven’t necessarily delivered the changes you’d hoped for. In the process, you’ve acquired plenty of theoretical ‘head knowledge’.

But head knowledge doesn’t necessarily change anything

Head knowledge is when you know ‘about’ something. But knowing about something doesn’t automatically mean you can easily and comfortably put it into practice. Just as reading a book about driving a car and studying the road code wouldn’t be enough to enable you to confidently drive a car out on the road!

Without practical skills to move you forward, you continue to search for something else that’s going to give you what you want…

To be influential, you need to know how people ‘tick’

How people tick

The problem is that everyone ‘ticks’ differently! And, contrary to popular opinion, you can’t treat everyone as you want to be treated. Well, you can — and possibly you have — but don’t expect them all to respond the way you would respond. They’ll react in their own unique and often infuriating way!

This means you need a variety of skills and behaviours to be effective in your coaching/leading/influencing role. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’. The more flexible your thinking and behaviours, the more people you’re able to guide, mentor and coach. The knowledge and skills you’ll gain on NLP Practitioner Certification Training enable creativity and flexibility of behaviour which are the keys to success in all the areas of life.

Who Is NLP Practitioner Training For?

Inside Your Mind NLP training is for you if you want to:

  • Make improvements in your personal and/or professional life.
  • Coach or positively influence others in their growth and development.
  • Get out of your own way and live your life on purpose.
  • Overcome limitations and take back control of your life.
  • Improve your professional performance.
  • Develop your personal style and live authentically.
  • Conquer the fear that’s keeping you stuck and stagnating.
  • Have fun while you’re learning state-of-the-art skills.

Participants come from all occupations including; business, coaching, health-care, education, training, sales, team leadership, management, engineering and human resource management. They share a curiosity about what makes people ‘tick’ and a desire to continuously develop.

NLP Training 2010b graduation

It was the best training I have ever had. I would thoroughly recommend the course to friends and colleagues and after seeing the changes in me, I know they’ll see why.

Cath Walker
General Manager
Sacred Hill Wines Ltd

Real skills — in real-time

Throughout this 18-day internationally recognised and certified NLP Practitioner Training, you’ll gain real and holistic skills; skills that apply to both your personal life and your professional life.

And if you have any kind of coaching or development responsibilities, you’ll find essential skills to enhance what you already do. Oh, and I guarantee you’ll have fun along the way.

Develop Skills To Lead And Coach Others

With NLP Practitioner Training, you ‘become the change’ through your own learning and development, by becoming more of who you are. When you learn new and more flexible ways of thinking and behaving, you naturally and positively influence those around you. You lead by example, and you develop skills to effectively lead and coach others

The most valuable part of the training for me is being able to do the stuff I have been reading about for so long. I got exactly what I was looking for — and more!

Joseph Hartzenburg
Counselling and Supervision

Three – Six-Day Modules make it easy to attend

Inside Your Mind NLP Practitioner Training is structured into three, 6-day modules. This means it’s easier to fit into your schedule, get lots of practice in between modules, and achieve all the outcomes you desire. The modules must be completed in order because each builds on the skills learned in the previous module. You can complete your certification at your own pace, provided that all three modules are taken within 3 years. This is an important consideration for busy professionals.

Please note: This training exceeds the requirements of  IANLP,  NLP Institutes  and ICI.


Module one

The Power of Personal Change

Module Two

Change Technology

Module Three

Change Integration

Course Content

NLP Practitioner

Module One

The Power Of Personal Change

All change begins with you — no matter what. That means that all training is first and foremost personal development. After all, how can you help others change if you don’t learn the skills for yourself first? Hence the name of the first Module of NLP Practitioner Training; The Power of Personal Change. The changes you make on this Module will have major positive flow-on effects to all your relationships and set you up to easily negotiate Modules two and three.

Unleash and develop your Super-self

Who Or What Is Your Super-Self?
It’s that part of you that has deep intuitive wisdom, that knows your infinite potential, and that makes useful decisions. It is the learner and the knower.

Sometimes you might access it fleetingly when you’re ‘in the flow’ — only to find it seems to disappear again when you could most use it! ???? It forms the connection between your head, heart and gut and lets you know whether your thoughts and actions are aligned. Alignment makes goals easier to achieve, relationships are more satisfying, and life generally more enjoyable.

Practitioner group 2020-2-1
SOME Of the personal and professional approaches taught on The Power Of Personal Change:

  • Learn simple, quick techniques to take control of your emotions and feel the way you want to feel in any given situation; for example,
    • Calm and in control instead of stressed.
    • Confident instead of unsure.
    • Energised and motivated when you want to get things done.
  • Know what positive thinking really means and its impact on the achievement of your goals.
  • Develop acute observation skills, so you can accurately ‘read’ people and support them to achieve their goals.
  • Find out how you can be influential and persuasive without saying a word!
  • Learn a communication model that explains how behaviours and responses are impacted by the unconscious filters we all have – and how you can change them.
  • Identify and understand the importance of values and use them to motivate yourself and others.
  • Learn the Blueprint for Excellence and develop the flexibility and resilience of a rubber ball – bouncing back from setbacks and over obstacles.
  • Forget SMART goals! Use the PERFECT model to clarify, set and achieve goals that will be relevant in all aspects of your life. No more self-sabotage!
  • Use specific, targeted questions to get to the root cause of problems quickly and easily. These questions save time and give valuable insights into the thinking patterns driving behaviour.
  • Learn a collection of tools for understanding people’s unconscious thinking patterns and processes, so you can predict behaviour.
  • Tap into your own brilliance and release floods of creativity and motivation – plus, help others do the same.
  • Learn the ‘body language’ of language itself and create new, positive thought patterns and beliefs.
  • Reduce stress levels and avoid burnout, yet still get the best out of people, (including yourself) every time.
  • Discover the verbal, tonal and body language skills you need to communicate authentically. Make sure you get your message across so people truly understand — and feel understood.
NLP Training group
  • Learn the skills used by charismatic leaders to positively and ethically influence and inspire others, both consciously and unconsciously.
  • How to read ‘between the lines’ to pick up any incongruent messages and address these when appropriate.
  • How to gain and maintain rapport with anyone, creating co-operative personal and professional relationships.
  • How your brain works and how to programme it for the success you deserve.
  • Get the users manual for your mind and learn how you create your reality.
  • Enhance your Emotional Intelligence and create deep empathy and understanding.
  • Find out how you can say heaps and be influential and persuasive — without saying a word!
  • Recognise how communication is systemic and that whatever you do (or don’t do) affects others.
Module Two

Change Technology

In the second Module of NLP Practitioner Certification Training, you’ll consolidate what you learnt in Module One and start adding new skills that cause change:
  • Learn the deeper structure of language and use it to effect positive change in your own and others’ lives. You can use it verbally as well as in all types of written communication.
  • Use hypnotic language to help others make the quick and profound changes they desire, or to ‘sell’ an idea, product or service.
  • Use metaphor or storytelling to create change, engage hearts and minds, frame up a training session, speech or meeting — or just as a fun and therapeutic skill.
  • Strengthen and consolidate the skills learnt in Module one – The Power of Personal Change while developing new capabilities to effect change.
  • Reinforce your skills for helping others by understanding their way of thinking and assisting them in clarifying and achieving their goals.
  • Apply practical techniques to produce rapid, profound and lasting change.
  • Learn and adopt useful beliefs to experience a more positive perception of the world, thus enhancing the feeling of wellbeing.
  • Learn ethical ways of influencing people with integrity and expanding your own and others’ viewpoints.
  • Experience a more optimistic life by uncovering and changing destructive beliefs, and learn ways to break through any current limitations.
  • Make sense of how people represent adverse events in their mind (such as through anxiety or phobias) and use techniques to overcome the harmful emotions and physical responses.
  • Delve deeper into the workings of the mind and learn quick and lasting techniques for effecting change.
NLP Training 2018a
Module Three

Change Integration

In Change Integration, you’ll continue to build on the skills learnt in Modules one and two, and in this Module, you’ll learn and utilise more advanced NLP techniques:
  • How to overcome overwhelm and help others do the same.
  • Recognise the importance of how we think about time – and learn techniques to change unhelpful memories, emotions and beliefs that don’t serve you.
  • Design your future the way you want it to be.
  • Enhance and strengthen the skills learnt in Modules one and two.
  • Learn how to identify and use others’ success strategies.
  • Resolve internal conflicts that cause self-sabotage.
  • Integrate powerful, speedy and profound skills to affect change at every level of consciousness.
  • Discover how to identify and use your own strategies for success so that you can apply them to areas where you’d like to have more.
  • Detect your life mission and personal leadership path and start living the life you were meant to live!
  • Learn and use the same tools of creativity that Walt Disney himself used!

By integrating skills, techniques and methodologies from all three training modules, you’ll qualify as an internationally recognised NLP Practitioner.

Graduating as an NLP Practitioner

To graduate and receive your certification as an NLP Practitioner, you must:

  • Complete the 18 days (minimum 130 hours) training in three 6-day modules (Inside Your Mind Training is 140 hours)
  • Complete some assignments and tests. (These are simple and straightforward, and most can be completed at your own pace and in your own time.)
  • Be able to demonstrate the skills in the classroom environment.
  • Complete the training, in order, within three years.
NLP Training graduation

Your qualifications

Your qualifications must be recognised not only by your trainer but by international organisations with high standards. Your NLP Practitioner Certification through Inside Your Mind will surpass the stringent criteria set by the International Association of NLP  (IANLP) based in Switzerland.

NLP Training qualifications

You also have the opportunity to have your qualification recognised and sealed through the International Association of NLP Institutes (IN) in Germany. Choosing this option will enable you to continue, after your NLP Certification, to achieve a Coaching qualification through the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI). This option is recommended if you think you’d like to qualify as a coach after completing your NLP Practitioner Certification Training. Please note there is an extra charge for the IN seal of approximately $US 30. 

The course environment

Small groups of participants mean you get the individual attention you deserve and the changes you want. The trainer places a high value on creating a fun and relaxing learning environment where you feel free to ask questions and take on new challenges. The training space is a safe zone where you can grow, share and practice new skills.

Your Trainer

Stephanie Philp

Hi, I’m Stephanie Philp.

I’m an internationally recognised NLP Master Trainer and a Master Coach Trainer.

My training courses are also recognised by:

To grow and successfully coach, mentor or lead others, it’s essential to continue to challenge and develop yourself. With a background in HR and senior management, I have first hand experience of resolving the emotional and psychological challenges associated with business, relationships and families. I have been training and coaching people to achieve profound and transformative change since 1994.

I have a humorous and inclusive facilitation style that has entertained people in England, Portugal and New Zealand. Read more…


Training philosophy

Learning should be fun

I’m naturally optimistic and cheerful and I bring these qualities to my training. I love to share a joke (in case you hadn’t already noticed) and find ways to interact that are enjoyable and fun.The learning sticks better when you associate it with the fun you had. I believe that when you’re having fun and sharing laughter, you’re learning – and that learning should be fun!

Learning should be fun

In a training situation, laughter breaks down barriers and brings people together. I love looking for the funny side of everyday situations and being able to see things a little differently. Pointing out these differences encourages you to observe more closely.

Freedom to be yourself

There’s no greater freedom than the freedom to be yourself. By being myself, I hope you’ll feel the freedom to be fully yourself.

Learning is a partnership

Learning occurs naturally and in partnership. This means you’ll learn a great deal from the other participants on your course, as well as from me. And every time I facilitate a course, I gain new insights from participant questions and each person’s unique way of processing information.

Challenge is important

Taking on new challenges is how you grow and develop. It gets you out of your comfort zone. So because you will be getting out of your comfort zone, I like to make sure I provide a comfort zone for you to get out of!

It’s generally easier to learn when you’re relaxed and confident

relaxed and confident

People don’t learn well when they’re stressed. I do my best to provide a safe, supportive and comfortable environment in which you can learn easily. I’ll be there to guide and support you in your journey of personal and professional growth.

Seizing the learning moment is important

When you’re interested in, or curious about something — that’s the best learning moment. I love answering your questions so that you can deepen your learning.


By being able to change and adapt to any situation I can help you meet your training goals. I incorporate the most up-to-date information I have into each training. I’ll answer your questions when you need answers. I’ll be engaged with you in the moment while still maintaining some structure. I make things easy for you; delivering sometimes complex material in simple ways.

NLP Practitioner Certification Training Manual

Your NLP Practitioner manual

The training manual contains over 300 pages, and there are another 200 pages of articles to substantiate and extend your learning. Your manual provides you with an ongoing resource and reference both during and after the training. It contains all the information you’ll need to use the skills long after the course has finished. You’ll use the manual as you’re learning, and make your own relevant notes.

Steph in Training room

Course venue

Filled with natural light, Papahua Hui Room at the Raglan Holiday Park is located across the footbridge on the edge of Raglan Township.

It’s comfortable and quiet, yet everything is easily accessible. We have our own sunny and sheltered courtyard with gas barbecues and tables.  A self contained kitchen with huge fridge means you can bring or prepare  your own lunches.  A variety of accommodation is also available on site at varying prices to suit your budget. Please contact the Raglan Holiday Parks directly to organise this.

Why is the training in Raglan?

Raglan is a fabulous place to come to for a training course! With friendly people, no traffic or parking hassles and beautiful scenery, Raglan has it all. Choose from the wild West Coast surf or the tranquillity of the inner harbour. Explore bush or beach walks. The various fun activities mean there’s always something to do when you’re not in the training room.
Raglan sunset
Being away from home for a few days gives you time to make the most of the training by really focusing on you and the changes you want to achieve. Without the normal day-to-day activities that can so easily distract you, you’re free to concentrate on learning.

Another major factor is Raglan. It’s on the edge of the island, which makes you feel isolated enough to focus on learning, but it’s got everything you need from places to walk, swim, shop and eat. It’s a great place to learn.

Stuart Hilton
Design Manager and Coach
Raglan might be NZ’s perfect surfing town.’ And, ‘Raglan might also be NZ’s best-looking town. It’s exactly the sort of laid-back, charming place that sees you shuffle your itinerary to extend your stay. The Lonely Planet Guide

Choosing the right course for your needs

Make sure you select a course that will meet your needs, whether that is with Inside Your Mind Limited, or someone else. And make sure your training will meet international standards, and be recognised by organisations and institutes other than the one you’re considering training with.

There are cheaper courses, and there are much more expensive courses in which you can participate. There are shorter courses you can participate in with Inside Your Mind as well. What you decide upon will depend upon your outcomes. It might pay to read my post 8 Seriously Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Professional Development before you invest your hard-earned money with anyone.

NLP Guidebook

More information

The easiest and most straightforward way to get more info is to download the free NLP Practitioner Guidebook I’ve created (no sign-up required). There, you’ll probably find all the answers you’re looking for.

But please get in touch if your question isn’t answered. I will be more than happy to answer it for you.

Also, read 8 Seriously Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Professional Development. And The top 5 reasons people choose NLP Training to get Un-stuck and back on track.

NLP Guidebook

Ready to join us?

Remember, the course is limited to a small number of participants, so book early to save your place or contact me now to register your interest, pay a deposit or save a place.

Be yourself
Before you register, you’ll probably like to know about…

The Inside Your Mind ‘Inside Out Promise’

Basically it’s this:

“If you don’t see, hear and feel the difference — from the Inside Out — I’ll give you your money back.”

I’m serious. I know how much difference this training makes to people’s lives and I really want you to have the benefit of joining us.

So, attend the training. Put in the work and if you genuinely feel you haven’t changed for the better, from the Inside Out, I’ll give you your money back. If you read the testimonials, the consensus is that people get much more value from the course than what they paid for it.

So, for you, it’s a risk free investment.

International NLP Practitioner
Certification Training

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