I learned how to use my NLP skills in real situations

Dario Di Capua
Project Manager and Coach

Unsure if I wanted to continue

After obtaining my NLP practitioner certificate, I was unsure if I wanted to continue with the Coach Training Certification. My NLP Practitioner Certification Training gave me a lot of tools that I was already using in my job as a project manager, and also in various activities I’m involved in with teenagers outside work. 

Gluing together the skills I have

I’m pleased that I finally decided to push through and do the coaching certification, as the course complimented the NLP tools I'd learned previously. The Coach Training Masterclass course glued together the skills I have, I did not learn many new skills, but I learned how to use my skills in real situations. I feel the courses go hand-in-hand.

Read-to-use skills

As a result of completing the Coach Training Masterclass, I’ve found that I have gained confidence in my ability to use the NLP skills I learned previously.  The coaching course is like a crash test; it’s intense training that gave me loads of experience in a short space of time, so I could jump back into my life with ready-to-use skills for various settings.

A safe space

I think I most enjoyed learning about myself; learning and questioning myself about what type of client I wanted to work with, and what approach and style work best for me. I also appreciated sharing and learning from others in a safe place. 

Real people with real problems

I was working with real people on real problems,  and growing by simply listening to my classmates share their stories and noticing subtle changes in myself, as I refined the art of supporting and coaching them. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to experience full immersion in the course, spending every day in our bubble in Raglan, far from my day-to-day business activities.

Business set-up

The complete breakdown of how to set up my own business as a coach, from creating my website to attracting the people I want, and how to merge coaching with other aspects of my life was invaluable.

Make sure you're on your right path

I would recommend Coach Training Masterclass to anybody wanting to become a coach/mentor. The course will help you make sure you're on your right path. It will make you question your ideas in a constructive way. 

The course is great also for anybody, coach or not, wanting to challenge themselves enough to grow and directly experience how a focused group, in a safe environment can help heal blocks, by simply sharing, listening, and supporting.

Pushed — in a gentle way

Stephanie is fun, light, joyful; an expert in her field. Steph connected with me and supported me all the way through the training. She puts her trainees at the centre of her training. She always cared about my progress and my state. She pushed me in a gentle way to get me through the course and reach my goals.

I’d like to add that I’m so glad I did the course. It’s a journey that is worth taking.