Young and old — all benefit

Penelope Moody
NLP Practitioner


I am completely grateful for attending this course and for the help it has given me in my life. I truly believe that this course is something all people would benefit from learning at college level. This course can help people understand the many ways we communicate with each other in order to have better relationships and to know ourselves better.

Practical information

There is practical information about the brain, about how we process information, about communication in a very common-sense approach that makes complete sense. Stephanie also realises that people all learn in their own way and provides for people who learn from hearing, seeing, or doing. We used each of these for each of our areas of learning and so at the end of the 6 days, it felt natural. I was able to go home and put specific things into practice.

I have been interested in taking this course for many years

A facilitator that I presented workshops with had attended the “Power of Personal Change”. She was inspiring, always had a great perspective on situations, and handled questions from the groups with clarity and helpful answers. She raved about the NLP Course offered by Stephanie. The main obstacle preventing me from doing the course was that I was waiting for the right time — until my children were old enough for me to feel comfortable to leave for this amount of time. 

Higher-level communication skills

Before this course, I believed that I had good communication skills. For years I have facilitated courses on teamwork, guiding positive behaviour (for children), and communication. WOW, I learned a huge amount in completing this course!!!  Everything about my communicating and my understanding of others went to a much higher level.  

What I liked most about the course was the time we were able to give the course material to feel it sink in and start to feel natural meant that I could go home and put my learning into practice straight away! 

The reflective listening we focused on is a tool that will be used for the rest of my life and helps in all relationships — personal and professional!

No longer dragged into others' emotion

I loved learning more about my ‘state’ and being in charge of that at all times and learning how to quickly get myself back to the ‘state’ that serves me best. When I returned home from the course and my 8-year-old was mid-meltdown, I was able to stay in a comfortable, observing state rather than being dragged into the emotion.

I enjoyed working with other people in the group and asking them questions to elicit their values and working through a framework to help them set an outcome and plan out how to achieve it! 

I would recommend Power of Personal Change for everyone

I believe all people would benefit from this course, young and old because it’s about a key thing for human interactions — communication!

I am grateful to Stephanie for running this course and for her humour, calm and absolute support for us all through the learning journey! I wish this course was on offer at all colleges around New Zealand as the learnings from the course are useful life skills that would improve lives and relationships.