Unleash your Superself with the power of personal change

How To unleash your Super-Self!

The Power of Personal Change

Super Heart

6-day NLP Training Intensive

Spring 2024: Monday 16  – Saturday 21 September 2024
Raglan, Waikato

Please Note: This is a stand-alone course. It’s also the first of three, 6-day modules leading to NLP Practitioner Certification (total 18 days). If you decide to continue towards this international qualification, you won’t need to start again from scratch, provided you complete within 3 years.


Where did the Super-Self idea come from?

I was chatting with a newly minted NLP Practitioner about how NLP training unlocks deeper intelligence and smarter thinking. She interrupted me, wide-eyed:

“Oh, it’s so much more than that! It’s as if we access our… umm… Super-Self! Like our superhero selves that are sooo much more of everything; smarter, more confident, more authentic, more connected, more courageous … well just more — of everything! And everyone on the course achieved those massive changes!”

OK then.

So while I tend to be more humble and modest about my training, this woman wasn’t going to let me play small!

Who Or What Is Your Super-Self?

Your super-self

Your Super-Self is the learner and the knower. It’s that part of you that has deep intuitive wisdom, that knows your infinite potential and that makes great decisions. Sometimes you might access it fleetingly when you’re ‘in the flow’—only for it to vanish when you need it most!

What if you could access your Super-Self more often?

How different would life be if you had the skills to easily figure out what was driving someone’s behaviour and to respond with objectivity and compassion instead of frustration and teeth-gnashing? What if you had practical skills to help you really figure out how people ‘tick’—and why everyone seems to ‘tick’ differently?

Life changing. Everything you get out of the course is positive both for work and personal life. Stephanie is an excellent trainer with a great sense of humour. She makes everyone feel welcome.

Jason Giacopazzi
Project Supervisor

A Six-Day Intensive Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

In this training, you’ll gain practical tools and skills to become more of who you are and to access your Super-Self more often. You’ll improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by gaining more self-awareness and awareness of others. You’ll develop the Soft Skills which are vital to your effectiveness in the 21st Century — both in your personal and professional relationships. In fact you’ll take your People Skills to a whole new level.

This training is for you if you value your own development or facilitate the growth and development of others. You likely want better, faster, and longer-lasting results in your life and with clients, team members, family, or customers. You want to know how to achieve behavioural change — in yourself, with others — or both!

POPC Practitioner Group

Beyond behavioural change

If you’ve ever tried to change a behaviour by constantly focusing on it, you know how hard that can be—and how easy it is to slip back into the old ways. My unique approach works on both deeper and higher levels of mental, emotional and physical functioning. Instead of just learning a few new processes or techniques, this will reshape the very foundation of your thinking; you’ll almost feel the new dendrites growing and reaching out to hold hands! 

Change happens easily and effortlessly and at the deepest level.

I’m able to view the world from different points of view and can see, hear and feel how other people think and act. I am conscious of the environment and the messages that are out there.

If anyone was considering doing this course I would say that it’s the most powerful way to learn how to truly communicate with other people. I learnt that the power of communication isn’t simply based on talking or sending email reminders; but on listening to the words spoken by people and paying attention to and responding to their body language. By using these cues to base one’s communication on, one can effectively establish open communication.

I love using the sensory based language and body language every day and it works really well when talking to parents – both happy and upset parents. In terms of working with staff the model is really effective as it’s personal and I’m told that, ‘You listen to us, you may not do what we want, but at least you listen to us’.

A great way to learn. Many thanks. Stephanie was personal, friendly, supportive, empowering, challenging and inspirational.

Campbell Harrison
School Principal

Why ‘The Power of Personal Change’?

I daresay, that at some point in your life, you’ve engaged in behaviours designed to mould or change the behaviour of someone else? With children it often works. With adults, more often than not, it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t work, you’re stuck.

When you change your own behaviour, those around you respond differently. You don’t have to ‘try’ to ensure the changes stay ‘changed.’ Your new ways of thinking and being will have a natural, positive flow-on effect to those around you, providing you with a feedback mechanism of how you’re developing. You’ll make the changes you want for yourself and you’ll also learn ways to help others make the changes they want—with care and integrity.

That’s why it’s called, ‘The Power of Personal Change’!

Personal and Professional Approaches Taught:

  • Simple, quick techniques to feel the way you want in any situation: Master your emotions and respond with calm and confidence, whether you’re facing a high-stakes meeting or a personal crisis.
  • The true impact of positive thinking on your goals: Understand how a positive mindset not only boosts your morale but also significantly enhances your ability to achieve your goals.
  • Acute observation skills to ‘read’ people accurately: Become adept at understanding subtle cues in body language and behaviour, allowing you to interact more effectively and empathetically.
  • Influencing and persuading without saying a word!: Harness the power of non-verbal communication to subtly influence and persuade others, creating stronger connections and smoother interactions.
  • Communication models explaining behaviours and responses: Learn frameworks that clarify why people behave the way they do, enabling you to navigate complex interactions with ease and insight.
  • Using values to motivate yourself and others: Discover how identifying and aligning with core values can drive motivation and foster deeper engagement in both yourself and others.
  • The Blueprint for Excellence: resilience and flexibility: Develop the mental agility to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring consistent progress and growth.
  • PERFECT goals model for life-changing achievements: Move beyond traditional SMART goals with the PERFECT model, setting goals that inspire and lead to significant, lasting changes in all areas of your life. (You’ll get a free digital copy of my Goal Setting Book as a participant.)
What's really important
  • Targeted questions to identify root causes quickly: Use incisive questioning techniques to get to the heart of any issue swiftly, saving time and uncovering valuable insights.
  • Understanding and predicting unconscious thinking patterns: Gain the ability to decode and anticipate unconscious thought processes, making it easier to understand and influence behaviour.
  • Tapping into creativity and motivation: Unlock your creative potential and boost your motivation, allowing you to tackle challenges with fresh perspectives and renewed energy.
  • Body language of language: creating positive thought patterns: Learn how the language you use shapes your thoughts and beliefs, and how to reframe your self-talk for greater positivity and success.
  • Stress reduction, avoiding burnout while getting the best out of everyone: Implement strategies to manage stress effectively and maintain high performance without sacrificing well-being.
group dinner
  • Verbal, tonal, and body language skills for authentic communication: Master the nuances of communication to express yourself authentically and ensure your messages are understood and well-received.
  • Charismatic leadership skills for ethical influence: Cultivate the traits of charismatic leaders to inspire and ethically influence others, fostering trust and cooperation.
  • Reading between the lines for incongruent messages: Enhance your ability to detect and address hidden or conflicting messages in communication, leading to clearer and more honest interactions.
  • Gaining and maintaining rapport with anyone: Build and sustain strong rapport with anyone, enhancing your ability to create cooperative and productive relationships.
  • Programming your brain for success: Learn techniques to rewire your brain for positive outcomes, ensuring that success becomes a natural and habitual part of your life.
  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: Increase your EQ to improve self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills, all crucial for personal and professional success.
  • Systemic communication: understanding its impact: Recognize how your communication influences others and the broader system, allowing you to communicate more effectively and harmoniously.
  • User manual for your mind: Gain in-depth knowledge of how your mind works and learn to harness its power to shape your reality and achieve your goals.

Unique Training Approach

Each day builds on previous foundations for deep, exponential learning. It’s holistic, affecting every area of your life, and makes learning ‘sticky.’ You’ll get lots of practice and feedback, leaving you with a new sense of personal and professional confidence about just how much more you’re capable of—Your Super-Self!

As a performance consultant and executive coach I’ve vastly improved my effectiveness with clients since doing NLP Practitioner with Stephanie. I now have several strategies to help when clients want to change what they are doing, but don’t know how to. What I like best about NLP and coaching is that the client is in charge of their change, and it works quickly. This is a real business benefit for clients.

When relating to clients and potential clients, it’s so much easier to get on the same wavelength and have meaningful discussions that add value for everyone.

And, of course, almost every strategy that is effective with others, works just as well with my own stuff. NLP has enabled me to move myself and my business to another level of satisfaction and success.

Gail Reichert
Senior Consultant

Venue and Training Environment

The Papahua Hui Conference Centre, a short walk across the footbridge from Raglan township, is filled with natural light and offers an airy, comfortable, and relaxed venue with outdoor tables and barbecues. Varied accommodation is available on site. Contact Raglan Holiday Park  directly to organise your stay and book early to secure your preferred accommodation.

Papahua Training centre

Small group size ensures individual attention and the changes you want.

To successfully coach, mentor or lead others it’s important to continue to challenge and develop yourself.  You won’t be just another face in a sea of faces. I place a high value on creating a fun learning environment and a safe zone where you can feel free to take on new challenges

I really valued the in-depth, dedicated time to personal development and learning practical skills I could take away and implement. The course has some amazing, practical tools for your own self-development that will also help in every interaction in life. Stephanie is wicked! Amazing knowledge that is carefully layered and crafted into the programme. She brings her personal values to life during the training and creates a great learning environment.”

Katherine Parrot
Writer and photographer

Why Raglan?

Raglan is the perfect training destination with friendly people, no traffic or parking hassles, and stunning scenery. Enjoy wild west coast surf, inner harbour tranquillity, and various activities when you’re not in the training room.

Being away from home for a few days gives you time to make the most of the training by really focusing on you and the changes you want to achieve. You’re free to concentrate on learning without the normal day-to-day activities that can so easily distract you.

Raglan tide pools

The Lonely Planet Guide says, ‘Raglan might be NZ’s perfect surfing town.’ And, ‘Raglan might also be NZ’s best-looking town. It’s exactly the sort of laid-back, charming place that sees you shuffle your itinerary to extend your stay.’ Read more about Raglan…

Accommodation options are available to suit your budget

All types of accommodation are available in Raglan depending on your requirements and budget. I can send you information about accommodation recommended by previous participants.

Raglan is a great place to hold the course – it’s a relaxed town, loads of cool shops and eating places. I enjoyed the walking facilities around the town and inlet.

Thanks Steph! x

Jenny Malcolm, Oamaru
Professional Coach

Who is the course for?

The Power of Personal Change is for people who want to make changes in their personal and professional lives or positively influence others in their growth and development.

Participants come from diverse fields including business, coaching, healthcare, education, training, sales, management, engineering, and HR. They share a curiosity about what makes people ‘tick’ and the importance of developing people skills and effective communication.

Marcus Deans

I found out more about myself in those 6 days than I have in 49 years of living. I found I had a lot of defences, walls and barriers up. I pushed people away. I didn’t want people to know me because I’d already made up my mind what I thought they’d think of me, which wasn’t fair on them. I think I’ve taken those barriers down — I’ve certainly hugged a lot more people than I ever have before!

Your Trainer

Hi, I’m Stephanie Philp.

I’m an internationally recognised NLP Master Trainer and a Master Coach Trainer.

My training courses are also recognised by:

With a background in HR and senior management, I’ve been training and coaching for profound and transformative change since 1994.

I have a humorous and inclusive facilitation style that has entertained people in England, Portugal and New Zealand. Read more…


At last I have the solutions!

Sharon Kearney-Phelan

Fantastic, lovely, fun, fun, fun. Enthusiastic, generous… God, you sound like a saint now!! At last I have the solutions! Thanks Stephanie. I just have to keep refreshing them now and again, by reading, practising and most of all being gentle with myself.

Ready to join us?

By reserving your place and paying early, you not only secure your spot but also gain a significant discount. Since the course has limited capacity, book early to save your place or contact me now if you prefer to pay by direct banking and require an invoice

Be yourself
Before you register, you’ll probably like to know about…

The Inside Your Mind ‘Inside Out Promise’

Basically it’s this:

“If you don’t see, hear and feel the difference — from the Inside Out — I’ll give you your money back.”

I’m serious. I know how much difference this training makes to people’s lives and I really want you to have the benefit of joining us.

So, attend the training. Put in the work and if you genuinely feel you haven’t changed for the better, from the Inside Out, I’ll give you your money back.

It’s a risk-free investment with high value, as shown by the testimonials of previous participants.

Read what previous students say about The Power of Personal Change and join us for a transformative experience!

The Power of Personal Change


9.00 am – 6.00 pm
One hour for lunch

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