Viewing the world differently

Alena Winter

Viewing the world differently

After the Power of Personal Change, I found myself viewing the world differently, both my world and the world of those around me.

I found the delivery of the course excellent. Steph is engaging and a really great teacher.


Initially, I was apprehensive about sitting in a ‘classroom' for over 8 hours a day (for 6 days!) but Steph made the time fly by — there was never a dull moment.

I know this course will benefit my own personal life, as well as support me with working with my clients and interacting with people on a day-to-day basis.

Maximise interactions and success

I’d recommend the Power of Personal Change to anyone working with people, or wanting to understand how to maximise their interactions with people. Or — anyone wanting to simply maximise their success in life!

Although the time commitment was more than I’d put into a course for some time, it was definitely worth it, and I can see why it’s facilitated in this way. A 6-day ‘intensive’ block was, for me, an intense yet achievable chunk.