Kindness, support, and generosity

Mareta Steadman
Community Nurse
Manukau DHB

Kindness, support, and generosity

At the time of writing this testimonial, I am still completing the business aspects of the Coach Training Master Class. It has been a great course where I’ve met amazing people in a safe space, with a whole lot of opportunities to practice and learn more NLP skills and processes. I loved the opportunity to observe my fellow classmates' skill sets and experience their kindness, support, and generosity in sharing their skills and viewpoints. My own learning was accelerated in this environment and as we ‘tweaked’ our practice, our confidence grew.

Obstacles disappeared

The obstacles I experienced were an ill-perceived self-perception that my NLP skills would be so rusty or under-utilised compared to my fellow coach classmates, who had graduated from their practitioner training more recently. I was also concerned that I wouldn't be able to get the time off work and that the course dates wouldn't work out for me. (Little did we know about Covid’s long-reaching impacts — and yet we all got to be in Raglan, together again for a magical class!)

Organic, unfolding of lessons/learnings

What I most liked about the course was – You! — the trainer (you know I am a BIG fan 😀); The safe spaces you created, the ‘organic’ unfolding of lessons/learnings (you make it look so easy as you weave your magic of experience, humour, and caring compassion). I loved the stories, trances and opening up to being vulnerable.

Because of the safety experienced through the setting up, exploration, and explanation of group ground rules, we all knew what was expected of us individually and as a group. This allowed everyone the freedom to ‘have a go’ at being in the coaching hot seat, and also to be observers — a powerful and protected system of deep learning.

Exposure to 'business thinking'

Other benefits I gained from the course were the exposure to ‘business thinking’ and ongoing input and tip sharing. The diversity of the participants, created richer sharing and seeing into other coaches ‘Maps of the world’

A trainer who is walking the talk

I would definitely recommend this training; a further opportunity to practice, practice, practice NLP processes. It was a place and space to learn more about myself, and what makes me tick. The thoughtful tips, step-by-step processes on ‘how to build a business’ comes from a trainer who is walking the talk, locally, nationally, and internationally. (It is very humbling to be considered a friend in your sphere.)

Steph, your trainer, will challenge your thinking with intention. Her acuity is so finely tuned. Joy full, skill full, kind, passionate, and experienced, Steph is one in a hundred billion trillion 😀

The Coach training Master Class was worth the modest investment in me. Thanks for an unashamedly immersive experience.