It’s a game changer!

Karen Kemsley
International Student Services Manager

How to make it happen?

The main issues I had was that I really wasn’t sure how I’d get the money together and how I’d get the time off work to do this Coach Training Masterclass. As it was, Steph let me pay the fees in chunks before the start date which reduced the burden, and my work let me take the time off for professional development instead of annual leave.

Not properly qualified

As a result of completing this course, I am confident now to invite people to have a coaching conversation. Before the coaching course, I didn’t feel confident nor properly ‘qualified’ to do this in a professional way — now I do. As a result of the course, I also now know the sort of people I like to coach and how I like to work.

The online sessions

Our course went online after only two days in the classroom due to the lockdown. The online sessions (about how to set up a coaching practice) were useful and meant that when we were able to come back as a group, face to face, we were really ready for it, and hit the ground running. We got back together a few months later and were able to complete the remaining nine days back in the training room.

Comfy and relaxed

The thing I liked most about the course was that it wasn’t rigid. There were times when Steph changed up what we were doing based on the progress of the group, or the direction we were taking.

Steph was responsive and dynamic, providing exactly what we needed at the right time. I also liked that it was run in a comfy and relaxed environment with lots of break-out space. There was plenty of opportunity for practice.

Synthesising the learning

The morning feedback sessions were brilliant. It was so useful to hear how the previous day's learnings had synthesised with each of us overnight and share our learning and observations. These sessions were really informative.

Safe to grow, learn and practice

I don’t believe you’ll find a safer environment to grow, learn and practice. Steph is cool. Strong, safe, fun and professional. She knows her stuff; lives and breaths what she teaches and is fully committed — all in from start to finish.

Game changer

The small numbers meant we got to know everyone and have time to share, ask questions and take a turn etc. The skills we learned are super-practical and they work! I would 100% recommend this course. It is a game changer.