I am working as a health coach and have set up my own business.

Tanja Blinkhorn
Health Coach

I am working as a health coach and have set up my own business.

My main motivation for taking the Coach Training Masterclass was that I needed to know more about the business side of coaching. After the NLP Practitioner course, in which I learnt so, so much, I was affirmed and much clearer that this was the path I wanted to take and, while I felt I had a good basis for coaching and NLP processes, more coaching skills and the business part was missing.

An extra depth of coaching

We did a lot more coaching practice than I anticipated, because my motivation was the business side. We did so much extra coaching that was incredibly beneficial and unexpected. So the coaching skills I gained were like an added bonus that I didn’t know I wanted or needed. I really deepened my relationships with everyone in the group, and with you, so it was lovely from that point of view. The extra depth of coaching that we got from practicing in the group was really useful.

I felt ready

Immediately after finishing the course and now, I honestly feel empowered. I felt that I had all the knowledge that I needed. I have the theoretical knowledge and the support and I know I can always come back to you if I need to. But I really felt ready to go and implement what I’d learned. I felt ready.

I felt affirmed

And then I also felt affirmed when I engaged a business coach. She told me the same things that you had, in slightly different words. That was a surprise, as I thought she’d have something different to add. But the essence about really making sure you know your target market and niche, was hammered home by you and her. And so hearing it from two different sources that I both respect and trust, was a useful thing.

Having the business stuff online was a bonus

I thought it was a really good decision to take the business stuff online. The added practice and learning in the time when we were all together in the training room was really useful. And the business stuff, is really ideal to be taught on Zoom. You don’t need to be in the same room for that.

There was the whole fun side

You are a great teacher. It comes down to your extraordinary ability to relate to people and to connect. It’s the connections that you make and your warmth. It draws out the relevant bits from us and me, and makes the training real. Of course there was the whole fun side which lightened the situation when needed.

But I have total trust, and in that teaching environment it’s so important so that the true me comes out, warts and all. I think you see where there’s room for improvement, and then you work with that, and in a really safe environment. I felt that I grew on the course, and you provided the fertile soil for that to happen.

Observation was great

Observing you and my fellow coaches in action, and those sessions where we all sat around and anyone could call time-out were great. Because despite the time-out calling, and all the questions that were being asked, we were still getting results with each other. I found that quite extraordinary; that all the processes and all the coaching still work, even if it’s not smooth. That was really intriguing, interesting and liberating in a way, because it showed me that it doesn’t need to be perfect to work.

The Live Your Love Manual

A major benefit of the course was having that practice time with each other. In particular watching each other and being able to ask questions, calling time-out and discussing with each other why it wasn’t working and what we could do differently. That was really, massively positive and important; having the practice time and getting all of the business stuff. That Live Your Love manual, on the business side is very detailed and you put a lot of work into it. It’s really useful and I have come back to it over and over again since returning home.

I’d recommend the course for a few reasons:

  • For the thoroughness and the depth of all the material.
  • The coaching — the intensity of the experience, because of the group growing together and because of that ability to watch and learn from each other.
  • The combination. Not just the business, because that is available online, but both the practice and the business side are very thorough.
  • Also the extension of our knowledge with new processes.
  • It’s very good value, not just value for money but just good value. It’s valuable and good value for money.

It was challenging after the course when I was implementing everything

Things took a lot longer for me with the business stuff than I thought they would. Even though you said it can take a long time. You also said that it can’t be short cut, and I totally recognise that now. So, there were just moments of frustration as there are with many things. I sometimes wished a part was done so that I could move on.

However, I just trusted that things can’t be short cut. And you saying that you’d made the mistake of short cutting or going too quickly, and that you’d had to go back and do it again. And I had enough life experience to know that to be true from other situations. I know that it pays to do things a bit more slowly and thoroughly.

It's worth spending time

There was also an acceptance around the fact that I do have other responsibilities in life; that I can’t just sit down from 8 am to 5 pm each day and do this and nothing but this. I had to be organised and make time, and recognise that it was something extra that I had to fit in between other things I have to do, and that it takes a bit of time. And that it’s worth spending that time.

Enjoy the process, the journey

I’d give future participants the same advice that you gave us; to enjoy the process, the journey. That the learning, the growth happens in the process. To not just accept it, but to enjoy it and know that good things take time, to enjoy it and keep going at whatever pace you can.

The course was the base for everything I’ve done following the course. Setting up the website etc., but also — and far more importantly — the confidence, and the skill and the knowledge that it doesn’t have to be perfect, that I don’t have to be perfect, that I’ve got plenty to go with to make a difference and to help myself and other people.

Knowledge, confidence and belief

So it’s that mix of really practical things, like defining the niche market, setting up the website and those things, really practical things that are based on the course, and behind that is this knowledge, confidence and belief that I can do all these things, and that I have what it takes to move forward in terms of helping people, and setting up my business and being a coach.

Right now I am working as a health coach and have set up my own business

My niche market is women in their forties and the problem I am helping them solve is thriving rather than surviving through their years of perimenopause.

I definitely have grown and am growing

You reminded me when I finally had the website up, to take a moment and celebrate. And when I look at what I wrote as goals five months ago, I realise that I have actually ticked off every single one of them! I became a coach with my own business set up in less than two years from originally setting this goal.

Raglan is anchored around positive feelings of learning, friendships, connections

I would whole heartedly recommend the course. I think you as a package, the fact that you’re in Raglan is a positive thing. It really took me away from everyday life and it gave me space to focus on the learning — for NLP Practitioner and the Coach Training Masterclass course. I guess for me Raglan is anchored around positive feelings of learning, friendships, connections and … can you please create another course so I can come back next year too?