Greater awareness of myself and others

Janelle Smith
Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Greater awareness of myself and others

As a result of completing the course, it’s almost as if I have found a greater awareness of myself and others. Once I learned these human behaviours and began to integrate them into my life, there was no way of going back to my old self. My awareness has shifted; I see things differently and now have a lot more compassion for both myself and others.

I learned so much about myself along the way and why I do the things I do. And from this place of awareness, if there is something not serving me, I have the tools to make changes.

A lot of power in in-person training

I have always been interested in learning and growing as an individual, and the NLP training was something that I had looked into for a while. I very much liked the idea of in-person training, especially as most courses these days are online. I believe there is a lot of power in the in-person training.

I loved the fact that the course was in person, and that there are many chances to practice the tasks that we were given. The space offered is a relaxed, friendly, and safe environment (I also like that there was yummy morning and afternoon tea provided. 😉 ) Also that Steph is available and offers a non-judgemental approach when teaching and sharing her knowledge.

The support gave me greater understanding

I got my own personalised folder with a tremendous amount of learnings to take with me. The support I received from both Steph and others, who’ll become lifelong friends ensured I came away with a greater understanding of myself and others.

I would recommend people do the course

I believe with any sort of personal development training it’s important to have few expectations, and a willingness to stay open. I wholeheartedly believe that this kind of learning should be taught in schools throughout the world. They are truly invaluable teachings and they opened my eyes up to see the world differently, to see others differently, and to know that we're each having our own unique experience of the world and life. It teaches us to show up as the best version of ourselves and question when we may be living out of alignment. Definitely recommend this for anyone on the personal development path.

Steph doesn't take herself too seriously

Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge and is supportive yet straight to the point (which I like about her.) She holds space really well and doesn't hold back with what she shares. She is deeply passionate about her role and this shines through when she is teaching us. She also embraces a sense of fun and play, not taking herself too seriously which invites others to feel comfortable and safe around her.

Love the flip charts!

Although I hadn't seen ‘flip charts’ in a long time, I actually really loved them! Haha. And the way she structured the course is awesome, and super informative and I deeply appreciate the time in between the modules to integrate the learnings.

I’m super grateful for the journey thus far and looking forward to the other two modules of NLP Practitioner Training in the coming months.

Made me question my own thoughts

Thanks again Steph, for being an honest, open, down-to-earth teacher who I know will recognise if I am playing small. This is the biggest thing I like about Steph, actually, is that she can pick up on things that I say and make me question my own thoughts. THIS SHIT IS POWERFUL!

Thanks for being awesome Steph, see you soon 🙂