A massive increase in awareness

Brian Watson
Company Director

I've had a massive increase in awareness around language and how it is used by different people. This will help me enormously throughout my life, both personally and professionally. One of the big ‘takeaways’ was the difference between reflective listening, using other people's language, and paraphrasing, using my language.

Continued study

My motivation was not around being an NLP practitioner, but to learn more about NLP and how the mind works. The 6 days on the Power of Personal Change were fantastic! I have continued to study, reading the articles, and practicing, finding out what works and what doesn’t.

Other valuable learning was Body Language, Goal Setting, and mind maps.

I'd absolutely recommend the course

I have already recommended our CEO does this to be able to relate better to people. The course shows you how to get the most out of personal interactions and to understand the importance of listening.

The 6 days time frame going into Saturday and the hours until 6 pm made it very challenging to continue running a business. For me, 2-3 days per week over consecutive weeks, would be better. There was little opportunity to return calls/emails etc and ‘catch up’. But I understand that this doesn’t work for people travelling to the course.

Stephanie was excellent, even, calm and confident, with stories that were illuminating and inspiring.