The NLP Eye Accessing Cues


The Not-So-Hidden Secrets Of The Mind.

Someone’s inner thoughts are personal, right?

Er, well, not totally. 

With a little bit of knowledge, some practice and a curiosity about how and why people do what they do, you can quickly figure out what kind of thinking someone is engaged in. While you won’t be able to tell if they’re thinking of a blue balloon or what they had for dinner last night, you can learn how to read the information revealed by their eye movements.

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Many people have heard of the NLP Eye Accessing Cues

This eBook will give you some great insights into what you can tell from watching a person’s eye movements, including how we think and process information.

 Importantly it will tell you what you can’t tell from eye accessing.

You’ll discover the secrets that our eyes reveal

You’ll gain an understanding of the thinking style someone may be using by their eye movements; are they making pictures, recalling sounds or conversations, talking to themselves or experiencing some emotion?  If you’re a coach or work with people, this invaluable information can often explain how a person is creating their problem — and give insights into a solution.

You’ll learn

  • The NLP Eye Accessing Cues chart.
  • Easy processes that will enable you to substantiate eye accessing.
  • Ways to deliver information so people can more easily understand.
  • What you can — and can’t — tell from eye movements.
  • How to improve your memory using the NLP Eye accessing cues.
  • Deeper self-awareness.