Would the training apply in ‘real life’?

Suzanne Everett
Senior Digital Project Manager

Before commencing the Inside Your Mind NLP Practitioner training I really had concerns about whether I was just going on another training course? How could I apply this in ‘real life’?

First I applied it to myself. I was going through a relationship split at the time of Module one of NLP Practitioner Training and was feeling very depressed and over-emotional, over-sensitive. The humorous ‘mantra’ that Steph gave us was instantly life changing. The NLP communication model showed that holding on to an emotion like sadness for longer than 90 seconds was impossible unless we were ‘feeding’ it with further sad thoughts.

Stop the thoughts, stop the state, stop the behaviour. So simple and yet so profound.

The course has given me a wealth of tools to use to help myself and others grow exponentially in all areas of life.
Communication with ourselves and others is a major key to everything and so any improvement in that has a major impact on our perception of reality/life.
Until recently, I didn’t truly believe that I had all the skills necessary to go out and make a business coaching/helping others. Now I can see that it is possible, with everything I already know now.

But would I recommend it?
The NLP Practitioner Training is exceptional value for money. Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge and life experience. What I appreciated the most was her holistic/spiritual open-mindedness, especially coming from my own alternative health slant. Her way of teaching has only enhanced my original beliefs of mind/body/soul connectedness.