Would it be relevant?

Joe Wilson
Singer/Songwriter (and past Teacher!)

I wondered if the course would be relevant to me and whether following a methodical process would take away from my natural open state.

The course was amazing!

I didn’t know my values and therefore didn’t know why I felt like I do about things. This lead to me being open to goal setting and the realisation of what to do.

The three most important skills I learnt were:

  • How to understand what my values are and how they determine what choices I am prepared to make. Realising that these values will change throughout my life and how they will guide me forward in every context of my life.
  • Learning how to read people through the physiological responses and that reflective listening is the most amazing tool to enable honest and truthful answers – only we can make our choices honestly.
  • Realising where my values are going to take me from here and the ability of goal setting to get me there.

I would advise anyone doing the course to be patient, be open, don’t judge and form your own opinions.

Steph is lovely, warm, funny, patient and caring. A natural teacher with a down-to-earth approach and real way of communicating. Thank you hugely, thank you again and thank you once again!