I can work effectively with young people

Lynne Hunt
The Adventuring Therapist (NLP, Behavioural and Positive Psych Practitioner)


This course was nothing short of transformative for me — both personally and professionally. Having my NLP Practitioner Certification allows me to work effectively with young people to remove limiting beliefs, but it has also enabled me to step forward into my own power, remove some of the restrictions and limitations that have held me back personally for so long.

I would recommend this course

Steph is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. Her delivery is fantastic and I enjoyed the interaction with flip-charts as opposed to a powerpoint presentation. The pace of the course is perfect, and although there is much content to get through — I did not feel overwhelmed. Steph's sense of humour as well as her proficiency with facilitating and drawing the best out of course participants makes for an excellent learning environment.

The content, the healing, the friendships!

This course was life changing for me, Steph — the content, the healing, the friendships! There is not a doubt that this course has played a significant part in helping me to get out of my own way, reconnect with myself without all of the misperceptions, the programming and heavy conditioning that has held me back. But as I have always believed — life works exactly as it should, and everything happens in Divine timing.

When the student is ready — the teacher appears!

This course was another step in the journey towards a greater consciousness, and as a result I've also gained friendships that are still going strong, as well as professional opportunities.

The only thing that would have prevented me taking this course could have been the cost. As I was paying for this off my own back, I found the outlay quite a big one, but your flexibility around payment made the course possible for me. And I am so incredibly grateful for that. That said, I would love to see how we can make these learnings available to greater numbers more cost effectively.