What HASN’T changed since doing NLP!

Gail Reichert
Senior Consultant

As a performance consultant and executive coach I’ve vastly improved my effectiveness with clients since doing NLP Practitioner with Stephanie. I now have several strategies to help when clients want to change what they are doing, but don’t know how to. What I like best about NLP and coaching is that the client is in charge of their change, and it works quickly. This is a real business benefit for clients.

In facilitation settings it’s so much easier to create the environment where people not only learn effectively on the day, but have the tools to take that learning away and quickly apply it in the right situations. I now have more effective tools in my toolkit, and that makes my life at the front of the room much simpler, as well as making it more enjoyable for both me and the people I’m facilitating.

When relating to clients and potential clients, it’s so much easier to get on the same wavelength and have meaningful discussions that add value for everyone.

And, of course, almost every strategy that is effective with others, works just as well with my own stuff. NLP has enabled me to move myself and my business to another level of satisfaction and success.