Unlock myself

Lisa Ekdahl, New Plymouth, New Zealand
Festival Manager

The concerns that I had prior to the course was that I needed to learn to unlock myself, find my true calling, be more assertive and more open and connected.

I learnt that I am totally capable of achieving a more positive life using the NLP skills I learnt on the course. I feel more grounded and able to make healthier decisions for myself.

The 3 most important skills I learned that helped me achieve my outcome are:

  1. Reflective listening; it helps me gather information about a person, helping to understand them better, to be more connected to them and build rapport with them.
  2. Anchoring. Using a relaxation anchor was helpful for me, especially at night when I used to have a worried mind and this helped me to go to sleep. I’ve found since doing the course that I don’t use the anchor anymore – because I don’t need to!
  3. To be aware of the difference between a presupposition and a mind-read. I have realised how much I used to mind-read and the negative effect it can have on my state and my relationships.

Everything in this course is helpful! It makes good sense and I have learnt new tools to help ground me and to lead a more positive life. The training would be valuable to anyone wanting to improve their life (in all areas). It’s the best training I’ve done. It has allowed me to manage my work situation in a more positive, less reactionary way. I believe in myself a lot more and I’m feeling more generous and connected towards people. And this is so uplifting! I’ve become less critical of other people (and myself) and more accepting of differences between myself and others.

Stephanie Philp is a brilliant trainer, she is well balanced, quietly confident, patient, encouraging and a great communicator. If NLP was taught in schools the world would be a better place! It would allow us to have more understanding of others while allowing us to still be individual and respect each other for our differences.