Timing is everything

Lyn Robertson
Academic Administrator

I had been wanting to do NLP Practitioner Training for many years. I had and opportunity to do an introductory course five years ago and finally completed my NLP Practitioner training this year (2017). Timing is everything – this was the perfect time for me and the perfect group of people to do it with.

The only concerns I could see coming in to this course would be the immense amount of useful information and how I would successfully integrate this into my life. The pressure dissipated as I was assured that this new learning comes in at an unconscious level and with this being so, my unconscious mind would integrate it for me and always provide me with the tools I most needed, at the time I needed it. Whew! What a relief!

I work with both adults and children so it is important I have the skills to relate effectively with people of all ages, wide ranging abilities and levels of confidence. While working through the course, others noticed changes in me before even I did. I gained confidence in myself as an effective communicator (still building on this) and this confidence, and change of language, brought self-confidence and higher performance in the people I support.

The biggest benefit I got from the course was the confidence and freedom to be me, to believe in me, to let others see me. The goals I have always had are no longer, “if I could manage to achieve…” and are now, “here is my timeline and there is no question I am going to realise these goals.” New opportunities have opened up already and I am much more confident and skilled to move ahead with my plans.

I recommend this course for absolutely anyone – even if you think you are at your best self now. Through the learning and exercises you cannot help but grow your awareness, communication, goals, and impact positively on all others in your personal and work circles.

You get out what you put in and this is infinite in its possibilities and implication for personal growth. Definitely the best money I have ever spent on anything!!!! – and this is permanent – not like a couch that you will replace in another 5 years!

The Raglan setting was perfect – the venue relaxing and comfortable, handy to all amenities, just a short walk away from amazing water views, fresh air, calming, relaxing and energising township. The best place for a course like this…and the people in the community are so open and friendly.

Lastly – because I want this to definitely not get lost in the script… Steph is the most amazing trainer. Her knowledge is endless, her patience and support beyond any other I have met. The course is un-rushed – at participants pace, always ensuring that each person gains understanding, practice, relevance and confidence. Steph accepts each person as an individual – no one gets left behind or left wondering – and EVERYONE leaves with a new sense of self.

Best course ever – will be back for further learning when I am ready for the next step!