The course ticked all my boxes

Tracey Hancock
Business owner and life & business coach

I had heard about NLP when I began a coaching course in 2012 and I’d made my mind up then that I’d learn NLP.

When I set out to look for a course I had three specific criteria – (1) small class size, (2) in NZ and a place that had a good feel about it, and (3) a trainer with a good reputation, plenty of experience and internationally accredited.

Steph and Inside Your Mind ticked ALL of those boxes. With a maximum of 12 in a class, courses held in Raglan, and Steph’s strong reputation, loads of experiences and accreditation, I signed up for NLP Practitioner Training.

If you think this will be just like any other course you’ve done and you get to sit back and listen to the trainer talk, then you’re in the wrong place! The small class size ensures you get the opportunity to practice what you learn, as well as invaluable trainer-contact time and direct feedback. Take along an attitude of curiosity, a desire to learn and a willingness to try new things, and you’ll get so much out of the 18 days.

Just on those 18 days … it seemed like a big commitment when I first looked at doing NLP training. It’s not. When I think about those 18 transformational days spread over my lifetime, it’s hardly a drop in the ocean. So cross that excuse off your list!

While I only live about 50 minutes from Raglan, I chose to stay in town rather than travel to and from each day. What a great decision! Being immersed in the learning during the day, then having the time and space to reflect on the learnings was amazing. Raglan is gorgeous. Being able to walk along the beach, enjoy the many lovely cafes and shops, and get to meet and talk with so many friendly locals made it a memorable stay.

Steph created a rich learning environment. Her sense of humour is infectious and it made me realise just how serious I can be (not anymore!). Those well placed jokes or funny stories provided a jolly good dose of perspective when I was grappling with a new concept.

Steph provided a highly interactive training course and with different learning approaches being used, the days just flew by. Relaxation, stories, reflection, theory and practice meant NLP came alive. The days were full of laughter, tears, aha moments and more.

The course was one of the best financial investments I’ve made. What I’ve learnt, how I’ve changed and being able to help others even more, has provided me with a great return on investment. If money was putting you off, commit to yourself.

To anyone who wants to know more about themselves and others, and how to be even more successful in creating a life that fills you with joy, I highly recommend studying NLP. Steph and Inside Your Mind are top of my list. Enjoy the journey!