The confidence to empower others

Karen Kemsley
International Student Services Manager

I gained the confidence to empower others

I was initially worried about the cost of the training – where would I get the money from? I made it work because Stephanie lives and breathes this stuff – teaches from the heart and consequently, she’s the only person I’d want to learn from. Also, I knew the skills I’d develop would be priceless, and they absolutely are! The thing I liked most was was the relaxed but professional way the course was run.

Safe and supported

Steph is a master at putting people at ease and she facilitated our learning in a way that left me feeling safe, supported and ready to give anything a go. The other benefits were the pace at which the new info was delivered to us, the opportunities to practice the concepts and strategies we were learning, and the chances to reflect and bounce ideas as a group.

I came away with a good understanding of myself and of human behaviour in general, and with the confidence I needed to empower others. Really looking forward to the second block of training! And if you haven’t done this course yet, what are you waiting for?!