The best thing about the course was how practical it was

Jenny Horn
Occupational Therapist

I had the pleasure of attending Steph’s Metamorphosis course. I had some trepidation prior to attending as I knew little about NLP and wasn’t sure how much the course would be applicable to my situation. The best thing about the course was how practical it was. Each day I went home knowing that I had learnt some skills that I could start implementing immediately in various life situations. A month in from the course I am feeling happier in myself with greater clarity about my goals for the next year.

As a facilitator I found Steph to be very warm, funny and grounding. She was highly organised and the course had a good mix of individual and group work which helped keep the energy going throughout the week.

Some of the most useful parts of the course for me were;

  • The values exercises – having done similar exercises before it was interesting to note how my values had changed over the last few years. I became more aware that some of my current decisions were based on a desire for approval or what I thought I should do rather than my values or what I actually wanted for myself.
  • Using the anchoring exercises to help me feel how I wanted to feel in certain situations such as job interviews.
  • The exercises on rapport, positive language and adapting communication styles to suit the person you are interacting with. This has increased my awareness of how I communicate and has resulted in easier interactions with a range of people.
  • The PERFECT goal setting exercise. Noticing the difference in how framing goals positively empowered me to work towards what I wanted to achieve rather than getting fixated on the discrepancy between where I was currently and where I wanted to be.