Skills for business

Marianne Wynands
Business Owner

Because I’m involved in setting up a new business I wanted to improve my observation skills with people and with what’s around as well as to be more focused and feel more confident. I wanted to develop my people skills so I can deal with groups of people, be more decisive as a leader and less concerned about what other people think.

I was worried about being comfortable with the other people on the course but I slowly realised that Stephanie had created an amazingly safe and caring environment and while we were out of our comfort zones at times it was still OK. This also alleviated my anxiety about not being able to concentrate for six days.

As a result of taking the course I know I have choices and can choose to believe I can do it! The skills of being able to get into rapport and understanding and using the whole communication process will help in my conversations and in building rapport with people and the values exercise and PERFECT outcome will give me focus.

Stephanie is fantastic and a great teacher who really made an impression. I thought the course was amazing and empowering and now I think everyone should do it!