Recommend it in a heartbeat

Stephanie Burgess
Training and Change Management Lead

Well recognised

I took the Coach Training Masterclass because I wanted to deepen my coaching skills and practise and to also gain a well-recognised qualification.

The coach training skills are incredibly adaptable

The skills gained can be used in all genres of workplace settings or for people wanting to set up their own coaching business. The skills I learnt run across a huge spectrum; from self-development and excellence, how to support clarity on issues, facilitate meaningful change in a person, or unlocking a person’s potential and maximising their performance.

Since I finished the course, I am proud to now be a certified coach

The course was rich in content and learnings. Our group was made up of the majority of people I did NLP Practitioner training with. We already had a deep rapport and trust, so to build on our skills and share our experiences together, made it enjoyable, even when the going got tough.

I’d tell future participants not to take the course lightly!

It’s a big step up from NLP Practitioner Training, but the hard work that will be required of you will transform you inside and out! There were plenty of side-splitting laughs to ‘break state’.

This course is a mixture of practical and theory-based activities.

The practical exercises gave plenty of opportunity to develop our coaching skills. This course also had quite a bit of ‘home learning’ which also included regular Zoom calls. The training covered everything from coaching techniques to how to set up a business.

The trainer

Stephanie is an intuitive, witty trainer who knows just where to take the course at the right time. Her coaching skills and experience are phenomenal. This course will equip you to step into your own coaching practise or skyrocket your career to the next level. The deep personal and professional change people have seen in me, both in the company I work for and with my friends and family is indescribable, and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat!!!

Calling time out

One of the toughest moments on the course for me was when we began coaching each other one-on-one in front of the whole group. It was absolutely terrifying. Both Steph and our fellow participants could call time out if we were stuck. We all felt ‘stuck’ at different times, not knowing where to take the session. Steph used her warm wit and intuition to ease us through the rough patches.

No brainer

If you are ready to maximise your potential and gain some impressive new interchangeable skills, or thinking of starting your own coaching business, this course is a no brainer really!