My ability to draw the best out of people has improved

Dave Allan
Freelance Mentor, Adventurer and Fisherman

I first met Stephanie over 20 years ago and at that time she was beginning her NLP journey. Her description of the concept, practice and application piqued my interest, but to be fair, I was too busy to take it any further than letting it reside at the back of my mind as something interesting to find out more about one day.

Many years later and many learnings about people, myself and the wider system in which we all reside, I had the opportunity to re-connect with Stephanie, and had her assist with my work colleagues on communicating effectively.

Subsequent to this, I assisted one of my colleagues (after much haranguing on my part) through NLP Practitioner training. Fair to say, it was life changing for him, and still is 3 years hence.

Seeing the significant impact it created for this individual and finding myself with the time and mind space, I embarked on the journey into NLP Practitioner training myself last year.

Unsure of what I was letting myself in for but being open and receptive to whatever came, the training was impactful, insightful and an amazing learning experience about myself, my interactions with others and how I move through life going forward.

I don't live with regret, but can see how the training would have positively impacted on my life in business had I participated in the NLP practitioner course 10 years prior. I ended my working career with 70+ staff, an industry executive position and dealings across all levels of the wider industry and regulatory framework. My learnings would have been put to effective use on a daily basis across the spectrum of my working life.

That aside, my own level of self assurance, confidence and general mental well being has improved significantly since completing the practitioner training last year. Additionally, my interactions with others (when I take the time to use my new skills) tend to lead to much more rewarding interchange.

Whilst I don't use my learnings in a commercial sense in an active way, I do recognise when coaching individuals (the few that I do coach), my ability to draw the best out of people has improved.

If you want to achieve your true potential, gain an enlightened sense of self and well being, and move through life with clarity and understanding of those you choose to interact with — and help others do the same, consider NLP Practitioner training.

With regards to training with Stephanie, prepare to be challenged, held accountable, to learn and build lasting relationships with those in your group. The course is delivered with humour, great insight and amazing morning and afternoon tea. Stephanie genuinely engages, leaving you open to discover more about yourself than you may have previously discovered.