Motivating, encouraging, challenging and informative

Bronwyn Lowe, Raglan, New Zealand
The Herbal Dispensary

Stephanie was my business coach during a significant period of change for my business. My partner and I were deciding if we should take the big step of buying our own building, and moving our business outside what was considered the main street of Raglan.

Stephanie gave us helpful tools to use during the decision making process, tools which we still use today when decisions need to made. She also was instrumental in us building an eCommerce website, a task I would never of taken on without her input.

She continued to keep me on task, patiently showed me the complexities of getting the best out of computers and the internet while encouraging me to keep looking forward.

Stephanie was my business coach for two years. I found my sessions with her to be motivating, encouraging, challenging and informative.

I am sure that without her input I would still have projects on my wish list that would be waiting for my attention; instead I have successful projects behind me and look forward to achieving new business and personal goals.

Thanks Stephanie!