More value and far better results

Wendy Maclarn

Originally I was going to attend one of Stephanie’s courses. The course was cancelled and I was offered the opportunity to spend a day ‘one on one’ with Stephanie.

I had heard Stephanie speak on several occasions and I was always very impressed with her presentations and knowledge so I decided to grab the opportunity.

My main concern was about spending 6 hours with the focus on me, myself and I. This was not a problem in a class of other like-minded people as I was skilled at diverting attention from myself.

Spending a day with a competent, skilled coach has much more value and far better results than an hour a week. The continuity and depth of inquiry had an uninterrupted flow, with no sense of urgency to achieve a result in a limited time frame.

I enjoyed the holistic, relaxed way of working which at times was as easy as a ‘good in-depth’ conversation.

Thankfully Stephanie took comprehensive notes for me to take home as the day took some time to process and apply to my life. Follow up support kept me on task to make changes and take action on the advice received and work I had done on the day.

Any coaching is a great idea, however for maximum results and an in-depth look at how you ‘do what you do’ and how to change the things that no longer support how you want to be, I would recommend a one-on-one full day with Stephanie.