I’ve become more rounded and resourceful

Johanna Budai
Careers Consultant

The importance of rapport

"People in a helping role always talk about the need to build rapport with the people they are helping. Rapport building is generally considered to be the most important step in any intervention, however it is also often approached with some complacency by the person in the helping role.

I too was one of those guilty of this — until I went to The Power of Personal Change. I have, through the techniques taught and practised on the course, discovered the amazing benefits (for both the helper and the person being helped) of having a sense of trust and comfort throughout the helping session.

Completing The Power of Personal Change gave me the skills I needed to safely and resourcefully challenge clients with their presenting issues. This was an area I found most difficult in the past and now find I can quickly and effectively get to the source of the issue rather than work around the presenting symptoms.

More rounded and resourceful

The Power of Personal Change was about becoming a more resourceful counsellor than I was before. And completing the practitioner training carried the learning further to help me grow into a more rounded and resourceful person. Under the skilful and caring guidance of Stephanie, myself and the others were taken on a journey with ’Rinpec’…to discover our own pearl and how to help others find their pearl.

The 18-day journey through the practitioner training had me feeling like I evolved from a leaf eating caterpillar into an air borne butterfly."