Months of reading and research

Jenny Malcolm, Oamaru, New Zealand
Professional Coach

It took me months of reading and researching NLP Practitioner Trainers in New Zealand and overseas (UK) to finally decide to train with Steph. The one hour phone call that addressed my questions clinched the decision.

Raglan seemed quite isolated and hard to get to, as I was coming from Oamaru, however my desire to train was larger than that concern. Steph seemed the most knowledgeable and personable of all the six I looked at over and over again in New Zealand. It was a lot of money and the decision wasn’t made lightly. Her extensive website was great in answering my questions and provided information on exactly what I’d be getting.

I have used NLP with clients in my coaching practice with great feedback. It has opened up my mind and allowed control and direction over my own life as much as I choose.

Raglan is a great place to hold the course – it’s a relaxed town, loads of cool shops and eating places. The Old School house is the perfect size and has all the facilities. I enjoyed the walking facilities around the town and inlet.

The course was definitely value for money. The gap between courses meant we could implement the skills and cement them before adding on another layer.
Thanks Steph! x