Many More Tools To Overcome Obstacles

Alena Winter
Naturopath and NLP Practitioner


The NLP Practitioner Training with Steph was the most valuable and transformative personal and professional development course I’ve done.

Initially, I was hesitant due to the time (and brain!) commitment of 18 days of classroom-based learning. However Steph is the most amazing facilitator and it was an incredibly enjoyable experience, which now, looking back I know would not be the same if it was held online or in a different structure.

I really looked forward to each of the three, 6-day blocks; it felt like a retreat with the amount of fun, personal growth, and relationships that developed over that time.


Steph knows how to keep everyone comfortable, engaged and having fun. You can tell her heart is 110% in this work, she is truly living out her purpose and mission sharing her wisdom with others. I have recommended her courses and coaching to others and will continue to do so!

Immediate personal changes

The immediate changes from the course for me were personal; with each of us guiding each other through a huge number of tools and processes during the course, it is impossible not to see personal changes occurring.

Great changes in my perspective, mindset and thinking

It’s like we each got 18 days of personal coaching alongside the actual learnings! I noticed great changes in my perspective, mindset and thinking; I started viewing the world in a different way.

Overcome obstacles

I now find myself inspired and with many more tools in my toolkit to help overcome obstacles in my own life and when working with others.

Invaluable in health and healing professions

For anyone in the health or healing professions, NLP offers a wide variety of skills that I believe are a valuable complement to other modalities.

The missing piece in challenging clinical situations

As a naturopath, it’s empowering to know I now have more resources to support people through mindset challenges, motivate people in line with their values, help people set powerful goals, and so on. It feels like the missing piece to the puzzle in some more challenging clinical situations.

Incredible shifts

I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to first and foremost experience some incredible shifts in their own life and perspective, and then, as an added bonus, learn how to support others in doing the same!

Something for everyone

Whether working with people one-on-one, wanting to relate better with friends or family, improving business relationships or just your relationship with your mind and yourself, there is something for everyone!

Lifelong friends

I made some lifelong friends from the course too, and I look forward to following their journeys and growth as I know they were also impacted powerfully by the experience.

Thanks again Steph — life-changing! 😉