Invaluable for my personal and professional development

Carleen Pearce
Master Practitioner and Coach
Kinetic Potential

These Practitioner Coaching Days are invaluable in terms of my personal and professional development. I appreciate how Stephanie structures the day to enable us participants to decide on the theme and content that we want to work on, and for discussion and discovery to flow freely.

A fantastic opportunity to take the skills I learned on my Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings and apply them to real life situations – with the Stephanie and other practitioners in the room, trusting and supporting one another with helpful feedback and insights.

The training environment is relaxed and friendly and, of course, I relish any excuse to visit Raglan with it’s stunning scenery, interesting creative culture and a excellent choice of eateries. I’ve attended the first two Practitioner Coaching Days and I plan to attend as many future sessions as I can. A small investment of time and money for a tremendous return in useful hands-on experience.