I’d get so anxious before and during a presentation that I would shake.

Jeremy Hughes
Director and Owner
Company X

It’s true! I'd get so anxious before and during a presentation that I would shake.

This wasn’t just a little nervousness, this was full-on shaking that was so bad people would feel obliged to ask me if I was alright.

Foolishly I believed that if I made presentations often enough that I would get better and get over it.

I didn’t.

I knew nervousness was hindering my performance at presentations and I actively avoided doing presentations whenever possible.

So what changed?

At one presentation I was shaking so much I struggled with a demonstration of putting some sheets of paper through a shredder.

Afterwards, Stephanie came to talk to me and told me she could help me change my nervousness into power and control. She gave me a few tips and then a little while later I went to the ‘Inside Your Mind’ workshop and learnt how to apply what she’d told me first hand.

It was eye-opening to say the least

During the last presentation I did recently there was a piece that I thought would be great if I could sing it!

Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous!

I did the presentation without shaking, without nerves – and sang the piece in the middle.

I was blown away by how good I felt

The nervousness had gone and the power and control that Stephanie promised was completely evident.

One person said, “That was a fantastic talk – I wish I could stand up in front of people and do that. It felt really personal!”

Important Update!

Our company now employs over 50 people and we work internationally. We've won three Westpac Business Excellence Awards. I've given acceptance speeches to audiences of over 400 people. Each time people have approached me and congratulated me on my speaking ability, saying how much they enjoyed listening to me.