I won a gold medal!

Carleen Pearce

As soon as I walked into Stephanie’s training room, I rediscovered my (long lost) love for learning. And learning NLP has changed my life for the better. For good.

One of the most professional and skilled trainers I have experienced, Steph brings warmth, fun, and sensitivity to students understanding and involvement. As well as learning powerful skills to facilitate change for others, during the the Practitioner course I experienced profound changes in my own life.
Once I understood how I had been ‘doing’ my problems and structuring my internal world, I felt liberated. For the first time, I could easily access more resourceful states, and overcome old emotional wounds.

I used NLP techniques to increase my focus and confidence and win a gold medal in an Australasian martial arts competition. I used it to overcome my fear of public speaking and make a public presentation (about NLP) to a room of 120 strangers.

I just had to know more, so I immediately signed up for the Master Practitioner training. By the time I achieved Master Practitioner Certification, I had made a decision that I would make this my work. I made it my mission to teach and coach with NLP. As a result NLP is now my full time job.