I was concerned it wouldn’t live up to my expectations

Karen T Hall
NLP Master Practitioner/MetaMedicine Coach

Prior to the course I was concerned that it would not live up to my expectations (it did!). Whether I would be able to apply to skills to teaching and whether it would give me the opportunity to make a career out of NLP. And whether it would be value for money.

I have learnt empowering strategies which have helped me view my problems differently, rather than feel overwhelmed. I’ve enjoyed applying these and seeing positive outcomes as a result. I valued everything about the training. Everything!
I appreciate the balance of learning via flip charts, then putting the principles into practice (reinforcing) with discussion and the use of stories and the real life anecdotes were very powerful.

Stephanie is very competent, calm with a good balance between humour and in depth learning. She is non-judgemental, has great communication skills and also conveyed her belief in our ability to learn.

NLP has helped me rediscover myself-my purpose/direction in life and given me more passion to help others do the same.