I needed to feel a ‘connection’

Fleur Cartwright
Coach and Trainer

NLP Mastery. That’s what Stephanie is all about. Although that’s not the only skill she possesses in her huge repertoire. Her knowledge of the NLP subject matter, insight and fantastic sense of humour make learning simple and so much fun. Apart from wanting to learn more about what it entails to be a NLP Practitioner, I needed to feel a ‘connection’ with the trainer and I found that with Stephanie. In spades.

Her ability to call the behaviours that need to be worked on while being simultaneously empathetic, is a unique skill and makes for a very engaging learning experience. I would whole-heartedly recommend Stephanie as well as her absolutely brilliant website. There are so many valuable resources on there that I find helpful daily and encourage you to have a look for yourself. Thank you so much for all you do and all you are Stephanie.