I needed a fresh look

Deb Brett-Atkins
Projects & Continuous Improvements Manager

After years of being in key management roles and an inherent drive for continuous improvement enriching our LEAN culture in our organisation I felt that I needed a fresh look at areas I needed to up-skill.
NLP was always of interest, however my thoughts were that this would be good for me personally, but I could not justify this training for professional development.

How wrong could I have been! My major personal learning from Steph’s training was that unless I was totally in tune with myself and how I ticked, how could I be expected to keep the entire orchestra in time, upbeat and in perfect harmony?

Raglan was the perfect venue for me as I feel it has a warmth that radiates from within and ideal for such a reflective learning process. The travel time to and from Raglan was an integral part of the whole journey for me as it gave time to reinforce and ponder over each layer of exciting learning I was engaging upon.

Anyone who feels they have not reached their potential should have a right of passage to embark on such an amazing, life-changing, learning experience with Steph’s unique style of guiding you through how you can make the most of your one, very precious life.