I loved the course

Dario Di Capua
IT Analyst/Business Owner

I found the Power of Personal Change course with Steph Philp at Inside Your Mind, in March 2021. 

I was looking for a course that could provide me with tools to coach myself and others, as well as keys to keep me out of my negative patterns. Her course description was really clear and complete, so I decided to enrol.

I loved the course

I felt very welcomed and well respected by Stephanie and the all participants.There were a lot of practical exercises, stories and feedback that helped me to really memorise what we were learning. The course was dynamic and the theoretical part was concise and made sense. 

Stephanie's teaching system kept me engaged and interested

She made me feel at ease in the classroom, which was actually not a classroom, but a relaxed environment where I felt free to move about and express myself the way I wanted.

The week’s course provided me with tools to control my state of mind, and the way I appear, as well as the ability to connect with others in a successful way. I’m now able to set and visualise my goal more precisely and manage and monitor my state of mind correctly. 


I think the interaction between all the participants was great, everybody felt in a place to share and be open. We all learned from each other. It was an intense week where I opened myself up and learned a lot of simple, but super useful techniques to help me control my life and understand others.

Applies to anybody

I think the course applies to anybody willing to understand what stops them from having full control of themselves, and the best way to interact with others positively, whether in a work domain or personal life.