I knew I could trust her with my emotional and physical well-being; perhaps even with my life.

Mereteowai Pou
Whānau Ora Co-ordinator


In December 2014 I received some brutal family news that triggered a traumatic impact on my health and wellbeing.

The family/whanau crisis triggered moments of loss of memory; I had a blackout, collapsed, and suffered chest pains and severe headaches every day from early December, 2013 to May, 2014.

At times I felt I was shipwrecked on the rocks. My husband was really concerned; he thought I was going to die. We realised that our personal belongings, property, ‘Last Will and Testament’ needed to be formalised. I needed my husband to have all the personal banking information and legal documentation should anything suddenly happen to me.

The risk was real and stressful to all my family. The daily suffering of my headaches, my doctor’s care and the medical investigation into the cause of the headaches all took their toll. All the specialists reports, medical tests etc showed no cancer and no tumours. Yet there was still no defined diagnosis of the cause of my headaches and pains.

It was not easy to allow my 85yr old mother to nurse me, though she has been an absolute example of unconditional love and I appreciate her faithfulness, support and care throughout this time, along with that of my other family/whanau.

As my memory began to give me flashbacks of wellness, it triggered my NLP training and some keys to unlock doors. I remembered reading Stephanie’s newsletters that I’d kept and decided to get in contact with Stephanie to see if she could help with all the problems I was having. I didn’t feel I was in the right emotional or physical state to use the techniques on myself.

The main point here is that I knew her and trusted Stephanie. There was no doubt in my mind of her personal integrity, her ability and knowledge. I was prepared to trust her with my emotional and physical well-being; perhaps even with my life. I knew I could trust her.

Stephanie gave me specialised coaching via Skype.


Since my coaching, the headaches, blackout and chest pains have gone. Have so much more compassion for myself. I have an increased self-awareness; the needs of my body, my emotional state and well-being and can quickly activate the tools to manage myself with confidence. I have been able to return to full-time employment. In writing this testimonial I am reminded of how am now able to recall the terrible events without falling into a state of trauma or stress.

I have confidence in my abilities, and most importantly I trust myself and trust my personal skills and abilities to achieve what I know I can do. I take the time to refresh myself and rest and have the confidence to speak with clarity.

Thank you, Stephanie for the gift of wellness and for the opportunity to have the courage and confidence to honour my commitment to myself.

‘Me manu motu I te mahanga’

Like a bird escaped from a snare.

This expression applies to one who had escaped from a slaughter and thus can be applied to anyone who has had a narrow escape from death.