I just have to say, don’t wait!

Erin Rogers
Business Owner

I just have to say DON’T WAIT! I wish I would have started immersing myself into NLP 5 years ago when I was first introduced to it by Stephanie.

I thought I had my life under control, as a business woman living in the coolest community of Raglan. I had the best job, beautiful environment to work in and a loving relationship. Life was GREAT….but ……
I found myself wondering – ‘is this it?’ Should I be doing something else? Am I the happiest I could ever be? Is there more?’ Well I can tell you there is SO MUCH MORE!

The more I learned about managing my thoughts, understanding my values and beliefs and how I’m communicating, the more grounded I began to feel. Fears began to fall away and I found I was challenging myself more and more. I began testing what I was learning in the workplace and at home and I could see instant positive results.

I could have easily talked myself out of taking this course. Can’t afford it… don’t have the time… but I am so glad I didn’t. This is by far the best money I have ever spent. No vacation, no new this-or-that, would ever give me this new awareness of how I am interacting with my life. Wow! How did I get this far in life and not know this stuff!

If something’s not working in your life, you won’t believe how much control you have to make a slight adjustment and the problem fades away. Get more out of your relationships and feel more confident facing any situation. Set Goals and learn a process to see that you reach those goals.

Raglan is a welcoming community full of diversity and there is nothing more charming than the historic Raglan Old School Arts Centre. It’s centrally located to pop into town for lunch, wander about the craft shops or walk the sandy beaches, all in view of the majestic Mount Karioi.

These new NLP learning’s were gently taught to both men and women by Stephanie, who has many years of experience. Sharing her knowledge and downloading to us in such a way that it was fun and easy to learn.

I have changed… I will no longer be the person I was. I have been allowed to look deep within and I like who I met – Me!

I will be eternally grateful to you, Stephanie, for the introduction and I will continue to change and grow closer to my ultimate mission in life. Its not the last you will see of me as I know there is much more to learn and I am excited to be part of the NLP Family.