I have more self-confidence

Julie Rowlands
Professional Coach

I was pretty unsure about what to expect, but I had an open mind and wanted to make the most of the whole thing. I knew I would be challenged but I was prepared for that – or so I thought! I wanted to be able to perceive and understand the issues that clients present with, to be more in control of my own mind and be able to programme it for success – to learn how.

I absolutely solved all these issues with NLP. What I need now is to put it into practice. I intend to use this in all areas and intend to build on what I have learnt.

The NLP Practitioner training really has changed my life and how I view things, experiences, people, virtually everything. I feel like I am starting over and so full of possibilities. Very exciting! My three biggest benefits are that I have more self-confidence, more self-awareness and more awareness of others’ perception.