I got so much more than what I was hoping for.

Tanja Blinkhorn
Health Coach

I was looking for a general coaching course and searched locally in Auckland, then ran it by a friend who now lives in Canada and had attended Stephanie’s NLP Course. My friend recommended I do Steph’s course, telling me that all the amazing things she has done in the last few years had started with Steph’s NLP course. So I did.

I got so much more than what I was hoping for. I learnt things I didn’t know I didn’t know and could learn — and did learn! The content of the course is helping me on my personal journey of starting my own coaching business and I am now certified as a health coach.

Attending the NLP course has given me such an in depth insight into the workings of our brains, our thinking, our decision making paths as well as the limiting believes and restrictions we often place on ourselves. Best of all, the course has given me learnings and processes to help myself, as well as my clients out of these limiting situations and to move forwards purposefully.

The fact that all three weeks of the course were held in Raglan was an enormous cherry on the cake. It was away from Auckland, away from three teenagers and my lovely husband (who looked after said children) and for me it was like being in a ‘learning sanatorium’ of total peace and contentment.

I am booked in for further learning with Stephanie this year and am already super excited. She has such personal warmth, such vast experience as a coach in her own right (rather than just a trainer of coaches) and is an outstanding facilitator of learning.