I am working as a health coach and have set up my own business.

Tanja Blinkhorn
Health Coach

Immediately after finishing the course and now, I honestly feel empowered. I felt that I had all the knowledge that I needed. I have the theoretical knowledge and the support and I know I can always come back to you if I need to. But I really felt ready to go and implement what I’d learned. I felt ready.

Of course there was the whole fun side which lightened the situation when needed. But I have total trust, and in that teaching environment it’s so important so that the true me comes out, warts and all.

I’d recommend the course for a few reasons:

  • For the thoroughness and the depth of all the material.
  • The coaching — the intensity of the experience, because of the group growing together and because of that ability to watch and learn from each other.
  • The combination. Not just the business, because that is available online, but both the practice and the business side are very thorough.
  • Also the extension of our knowledge with new processes.
  • It’s very good value, not just value for money but just good value.
  • The course was the base for everything I’ve done following the course. Setting up the website etc., but also and far more importantly the confidence, and the skill and the knowledge that it doesn’t have to be perfect, that I don’t have to be perfect that I’ve got plenty to go with to make a difference and to help myself and other people.

You reminded me when I finally had the website up, to take a moment and celebrate. And when I look at what I wrote as goals five months ago, I realise that I have actually ticked off every single one of them! I became a coach with my own business set up in less than two years from originally setting this goal.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the course. I think you as a package, the fact that you’re in Raglan is a positive thing. It really took me away from everyday life and it gave me space to focus on the learning —for NLP Practitioner and the Coaching course. I guess for me Raglan is anchored around positive feelings of learning, friendships, connections and … can you please create another course so I can come back next year too?