Feelings of happiness and joy

Ela Badea
TELCO industry

If before I felt unsure or I had some doubts in regards to what I want to do in my life, since I finished the training I have no doubt about myself and I have an enormous feeling of happiness and joy that makes others turn around and wonder what happened to me…
I tell everybody that the Inside Your Mind NLP training is much more relaxing than a 3 week holiday in a 5-star luxury holiday resort with spa, massage, food and all the stuff. Why? Because your mind needs a rest, a break from everything that is part of your normal routine, and even planning a holiday and travelling could be stressful and exhausting. You just need some time for Yourself.

The Inside Your Mind NLP Practitioner Training was the best investment I have ever done, for myself and my life. We invest in cars, houses, hi-tech devices and other material goods. Being busy in obtaining these things, we sometimes forget about ourselves. The best investment we can do is in ourselves. Then we will be able to acquire other things.

So, how was my holiday in Raglan at the Inside Your Mind NLP Resort? The most relaxing holiday I have ever been on, and the training was by far the best I have done (and I’ve had lots in my life, formal and informal as well). Nothing compares with being away from home, work and other “distractions” and learning NLP in a beautiful place like Raglan and in your own pace. This really helps you to stay focused on yourself and be able to easily assimilate the new learnings.

I’ve spent 3 full weeks on the training and, even though it was a learning experience, I didn’t have the feeling of being overwhelmed by the information… and it was a lot to carry on. I was like a sponge that absorbs everything in a bit and when it dries out, it absorbs even much more. Steph used her NLP skills and great teaching experience in creating a natural and easy learning experience for all the participants.

I felt absolutely safe and comfortable with expressing myself and working with my colleagues in achieving the best results from the practical exercises we did. We worked with our own “materials” – real issues, life challenges and limiting beliefs about ourselves – and absolutely nothing was weird and made me feel out of my comfort zone (in the past that would have been a real problem).

I am a free person who knows who she is, what she wants and how to get there. I am a person who is able to have a positive experience from everything and influence positively others’ lives as well. For being the change you want to see in others, you need to change yourself first. This is how it works, not the other way around. And finally I understood why it is like this. (I really recommend you to do the course; it will help you as well).

I laughed more than I can remember and I had the time of my life. Plus, I discovered I am funny as well (weird, I don’t know how Steph did it…I’m a serious person!?). I was absolutely at ease with her teaching style and being there in the training environment. I just loved being there and grateful for having the chance to meet Steph in person.

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