Confident and competent

Anna Loe

I found Stephanie to be a wonderful teacher — she has an incredible way with words and is an exceptional story teller, which I now realise is so important in the process of NLP. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in teaching NLP processes and this was very apparent in her organisation and teaching style.

I found the venue good, with respect to it’s central location. However, on Module 1 and 2 it tended to be a bit cold, but was better on module 3. I enjoyed being away from home for the course, and Raglan was perfect, having time every night on my own to reflect on what we had learned that day was vital in the learning process in my opinion. It was a big commitment being away for so long but worth the effort.

I found the amount of relaxation we did in Module 2 and 3 was really helpful for my learning, and is something I am making time for daily, as I found it so beneficial. For me it wasn’t until Module 3, that everything seemed to click together and make sense.

I loved having the opportunity to see a client on the last day as this reinforced that I could use what I had learned on a complete stranger with good effect. I think this consolidated my belief that the processes work and that I could be an NLP Practitioner, out in the real world.

I felt the course was value for money – having completed the first block of Coach training with another provider, I was reluctant to continue along this line as I did not feel it was value for money. I found that what I learned in NLP training with Steph, suited me a lot better as it was so practical; lots of time to practise every exercise, to reflect on what we had learned and fine tune before moving on to the next process.

I feel quite confident and competent to go out and work with people using these processes. I did not feel like this after my coach training.

Since coming home I have had many opportunities to use what I have learned. Even just in everyday conversations; I am actually listening to what a person is saying now, and know I now have the choice about whether I want to be actively engaged in the conversation or a reflective listener.

The exercise I seemed to have an affinity for the most was the timeline processes. I feel these processes are really valuable with limiting beliefs and emotions, as at some point, somewhere they began to be a problem affecting life today. Having a technique that subconsciously identifies when that was and a way of healing that memory is invaluable, in my opinion.

This is the area that I personally found to be of the most value in the training for me as I felt like several beliefs that have been holding me back and lingering for a long time, which I have not been able to shift using other techniques just peeled off.

I found the course material to be of a really high standard and it is user-friendly.
Overall a great course, that for me was life changing.

Lots of love