Comfortably Uncomfortable!

Katrina Whittle
Senior Academic Lecturer on Mental Health and Addictions

Coach Training Masterclass is both empowering and confronting

It will give you a skill set that enhances all the other skills and tools you have at your disposal, and that you’ve already learnt in life. It will give you a depth of understanding that you didn’t have prior to having the practical experiences that you get during the coaching course.

No judgement

Stephanie is an extremely talented and gifted facilitator. She allows you to learn at your own pace with no judgement. She provides a safe learning experience for everyone involved and helps develop a really cohesive unit to work within. 

Financial restriction

The only thing that would have prevented me participating in the Coach Training Masterclass, after having completed Practitioner Training, would have been financial. But because Stephanie offered a payment plan, for me it took that obstacle away.

Biggest learning

My biggest learnings were around beliefs and how they impact our lives. I live by the Beliefs of Excellence, and I relish that we can choose to adopt beliefs that serve us well.

The experience I had working with Stephanie and with the group on my coaching course was invaluable — and quite life changing. It’s enabled me to live and create a life for myself in ways that I didn’t think possible. And the self-confidence and self-belief and empowerment I’ve got has infiltrated every area of my life, in a positive way.

Be prepared to be comfortably uncomfortable — and enjoy the journey.

Loving my role

I’m just absolutely loving my job as Senior Academic Lecturer on Mental Health and Addictions. Of course you can’t bring anything into the mental health arena without thought processes and belief systems, so my NLP skill set gets used on a daily basis with my students. 

So, thank you so much for everything you’ve done and helped instil in me, Stephanie. I really, really appreciate and value the time I spent with you in Raglan over the 3 courses we’ve spent time on together. And yes, life is good — really good, actually.