Been thinking about it for over 10 years!

Rose Beets
HR Manager
National Mini Storage

I had been thinking of completing my NLP Practitioner course for over 10 years having seen several colleagues and friends complete theirs. Finding the right person and programme was important – I wanted it to be business applicable AND provide personal growth, and I found that 100 fold with Stephanie and my 18 days of NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

To be honest, I was also quite daunted by it, as I knew it would be personally challenging (yes there were a few tears). However Steph looked after us all so well, and helped us gently make our own discoveries about ourselves and those around us — at home and at work.

In my work where I am coaching Managers daily, each interaction is so much more successful as I can understand all of what they are communicating – both consciously, and unconsciously. That means our relationships are stronger and it is easier to get something done – because we are on the same page. There are lots of techniques and models that you get, and I have used a number of them to give me a new perspective. For example I am sitting down with my leadership team to help them look at our Managers meta programs so they can understand what each manager needs and how to work better with each of them.

It’s the way of thinking that makes the biggest difference for me, and this guides me in my day to day interactions with others. Thanks Steph – We had a fantastic 18 days, and it was amazing to see your skill and compassion at the front of the room, and as you sat beside us while we practiced our new skills.
Recommend it 150%