Award Winners – PiwiWiwi

Anna Cunningham and Niall Darwin, Raglan, New Zealand
PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans Ltd

Shortly after starting our business, PiwiWiwi, we were lucky enough to get Stephanie as our coach.

Before our first meeting I had expected to be grilled on finances, business plans, cash flow predictions and all the other stressful factors crucial to business success.

How wrong I was!

Stephanie recognised our blind spots intuitively. Focusing on the ‘information,’ we had failed to think about our own emotional needs and the stress we were putting ourselves through.

Stephanie helped us to develop a much greater personal awareness. She gave us many little tips and techniques to help with this. For example: Taking time to reflect on what we have achieved rather than constantly worrying about the never-ending to-do list.

Once she had us looking after ourselves as well as the business, she then got us to take a good look at what our business was actually doing. Did it fit with our beliefs and desires? Where it did not, what could we do to improve it?

These were tough questions but Stephanie guided us through. The result was a clearer understanding of our direction which became a solid foundation for our motivation.

As well as this ‘big picture’ assistance, Stephanie’s help was invaluable with specific problems. Many times when a situation had us stumped, we asked Stephanie’s advice.

Like teaching someone to fish rather than giving them a fish, Stephanie could always ask the right questions to change our thinking and to crack the problem. Not only would this lead us to the immediate solution it gave us the skills to handle future questions ourselves.

Time spent with Stephanie was often challenging, sometimes hard but always very, very rewarding. At the end of our second year in business we won two awards based on customer reviews.

They were best ‘campervan rentals company’ and best ‘transport provider’ in New Zealand. I have absolutely no doubt that having Stephanie as our coach was essential to our success.

Thank you Stephanie, it’s been fantastic!