An enlightening course!

Cath Walker
Logistics Director
Sacred Hill Wines Ltd.

I wasn't in charge

I felt like I wasn’t in charge, and felt I had to monitor everything I said at home. Map shifting has made this issue go away.

I was nervous speaking in public

I wanted to learn how other people think, how to communicate effectively in all situations and be confident to stand up and speak in public. I learnt a technique to feel calm in those situations in future. By understanding how I think and that my thinking style is unique to me — and that I’m the only one who understands it — will help me with self empowerment.

So many things were invaluable

Through this knowledge I have gained insights into how other people think. There were so many things that were valuable in this training; knowing that we all have unique ways of interpreting things and that I can’t read peoples minds!! Anchoring myself means I can now run up hills! Setting PERFECT outcomes will help with both public speaking and goal setting.

It was the best training I’ve ever had

Stephanie was lovely. Very personable and memorable. It was the best training I’ve ever had. I would thoroughly recommend the course to friends and colleagues, and after seeing the changes in me, I know they’ll see why. Thanks so much for an enlightening course.

The course was one of those things that was ‘meant to be’; right time, right place. I look forward with excitement and anticipation to the future.